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‚ÄčIn the evening, I get info from Grab, usually it’s promo but this time it’s different, that is … check this out.

Using Grab since February 28 2016? Still a toddler.

January 3 where do I go? I also forgot and I searched in History, apparently only the last 1 month from the Transport menu, if from the Transactions menu, last July 2019.

41 times Grab ride with a distance of 387 km, at most I ordered to myself can be counted on the fingers, the rest of the office account and messages for others.

Chatime ordered 12 times, it’s really spoiled, even though I walked there at most 5 minutes. But indeed, sometimes when in Lotte or BK, I order Chatime, because I want to just take a promo, and of course Grab also saves time between, hehehe.

Ok so while the information, we are waiting for the Grab update in the following year.