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“How come it’s different?” For those who have seen my site before, it might say like that. Yup, since the end of 2016 I moved to another heart, CMS I meant. The first time I learned to make a site since grade 2 Vocational High School with Ms. Front Page, which still uses HTML. Remember all the codes? Yes, not too, just click the click-click and keep saving and uploading. In short there is a special way, hahaha.

PHP !!! maybe you’ve heard and experienced it too? but this is not a Pemberi Harapan Palsu, you know, is a programming language to make a site, but honestly I raised it right away because I don’t understand, equal to three money with his friend MySQL which is generally more to create a database. Dreamweaver has also poked a little, Macromedia Flash, this is the handle of the child of Kampung Baru (if he hasn’t moved it yet), this Swish Max can be said as an easy version of Macromedia Flash. In short, at that time our class was 2 TEL 5, won all the championship titles for site creation and my team won second place.

After a few years, I was rather vacuumed on the web until my friend at Binus asked, “Do you know Joomla? Please teach,” I said, I didn’t know, because at that time I worked as a computer technician instead of web design. Then I tried to study the CMS and thank God, my first site was made using Joomla 1.0. The domain I first bought was not the site domain that you are currently open, at that time my domain was my full name but about 5 years of use, I finally bought a new domain that you are currently viewing. The reason I change domain is to shorten it, hehehe.

This site will not be without hosting, after I googling here and there I can host it in a place that if I check it currently seems to be still active (private property), the reason is the price because at that time there were not enough funds, wkwkwk. I have tried about 5 hosting places within 8 years so to shorten the time and look for additional experiences, I use VPS myself.

I learned the Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0 version until I finally moved to CMS where the user info is better than what I use now, so the term do not judge a book by its cover applies in this case, or the Indonesian version , do not know, then do not love wkwkwk. In Joomla every time the latest version appears I have to change it according to its version. “Version” in this sense is very broad because I checked and re-checked the plugins, modules and supporting components of the site, in short I was quite overwhelmed to continue.

For the CMS that I use today, where up to this moment I can always adjust to all installed plugins. Try this, try to re-install it several times because there is a plugin conflict, so if you see an article that has been posted a long time without commenting, there are probably two things, there is no comment or yes because I reposted it. Life is very short, so use it to learn to get the best results.

Akhirull kalam, attend this site as an application of the knowledge that I have gained and hopefully useful for me personally and also for its readers, Amin (similar to the last paragraph of the closing of the lecture). Such is the brief, precise and solid info from me regarding the history of the establishment of this site #lebay.

Update July 2018: How come there are ads? yes, sorry if it makes it look less impressive, I just want to try learning Google AdSense, not because of funding problems, hehehe.