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Suddenly on the bottom right of my laptop screen info appears like the picture above which is quite disturbing view of the wallpaper used.

Citing information from Microsoft, “The test mode message shows that the test signing mode on the operating system starts on the computer. Test signing mode can be started if the program installed is in the testing phase because it uses a dirver that is not digitally signed by Microsoft. Microsoft added the test mode to Windows so users can test the program without having to provide an authentication certificate.”

But if I search beforehand, there is a driver that I use is official from each existing vendor, whether there is an automatic update to a particular party.

How to delete it is also very easy, now I use the Windows 10 OS, but this method can also be applied in Windows 7 and Windows 8, only different in the Command Prompt search, the commands used remain the same.

Here’s how to delete it :

  1. Click the Windows logo then type cmd, the search results will appear, right-click on the Command Prompt and then select Run as administrator, click Yes to continue if a warning window appears.

  1. Type “bcdedit -set OFF TESTSIGNING” in Command Prompt window that appears then press Enter, if it has been successful, please restart Windows to see the results, very easy isn’t it.