Hmmm ! Confused to explain, what if you read this article to the end and maybe you can understand the title.

At first I didn’t realize that my bandwidth was running out, after I checked that the visitor traffic was not high, but the web design traffic at that time was using quite high bandwidth. But because I hold a root account, I can provide the following guide :

  1. Login to cPanel and type limit in the search field, the result will point to Limit Bandwidth Usage. Select the account that is experiencing problems then click Limit.

  1. Determine the desired bandwidth in the Bandwidth Limit column then click Change and wait for the process to complete.

  1. Please re-open the site to confirm the results.

This method is only part of the solution available from the admin side and of course from the customer side, it must be checked again the cause of the bandwidth exhaustion.

Good luck and thank you.