This is the first Ruckus device that I tried, even though it’s not new, but there’s no harm in learning about the device. Because I do not know the login password to the device, then I just reset it and the method is quite easy, press the reset button next to the LAN port for about 5 – 10 seconds when the device is on and wait until the indicator light turns off and on again, the indication is successfully reset is only PWR and CTL lights on, because the default wireless position is disabled.

Next is the initial configuration guide :

  1. The default IP address is, but because I installed it on the router, I access it using the IP obtained from the router, which is

  1. If it appears as shown above, click Advanced – Add Exception – Confirm Security Exception and the result will be as shown below :

  1. I just changed the Country Code to Indonesia, then click Next. Because I have a main router that has given DCHP to this AP, then I don’t change the configuration, click Next to continue.

  1. I also do not change the SSID and provide a password, it will be configured later, click Next.

  1. The password must be changed directly, while for Password Recovery I don’t checklist, click Next again.

  1. Following the results of the Review of the above process, click Finish and OK to restart the device.



Here’s the next configuration :

  1. Log in with the user and password that was set before, then click Unleash.

  1. I will not register this device, for that I choose Skip and Yes, Skip.

  1. Looks like the following picture Internet status has been connected (Connected) because indeed the main router has been connected to the Internet.

  1. I will first change the SSID that was created previously, click WiFi Networks and select Ruckus-Wireless 1 then click Edit.

  1. Because this AP has 2 frequencies, namely 2.4G and 5G, so to make it easier, I will give the name FIrfani 2.4 G which indicates operating at the 2.4G frequency as shown below. To provide a password, select WPA2 in the Encryption Method and enter the desired password, then OK.

Note: the 2.4G indicator will turn on Orange if it is active and change to Green if a device is connected.

  1. Click Create to create a new SSID, for the SSID I name FIrfani 5 G which works at a frequency of 5 Ghz.

Note: the 5G indicator will turn on Orange if it is active and change to Green if a device is connected.

  1. I will connect the 2 SSIDs from different devices. For the 5 Ghz frequency, not all devices support it, for that if the device does not find a 5G FIrfani SSID, then the device does not support it. But on the 2 devices that I tried, both of them supported the 5 Ghz frequency.

Oh yeah, the 2.4G and 5G indicator will change color to Green if there is a device connected.



  1. The following results from the wireless and client side.

  1. While there isn’t much information that I can provide on the Admin & Services menu, so I only share the appearance like this :

That is the temporary information that I can convey, for the speed test I made in a different article.