Flood at the Beginning of 2020

Flood at the Beginning of 2020

Flood, yup, that’s the word that fills all the media today. Jakarta and its surroundings were flooded in the early morning of the new year 2020. Heavy rains that occurred from the afternoon of December 31, 2019 until morning resulted in inundation of several residential areas and roads.



Like the working route that I took that morning, starting from the puddle in front of the Sparks, where on the overpass leading to Jalan Gatot Subroto, there is 1 car and 1 motorbike experiencing problems (breaking down) and next to Balai Kartini to Puri Denpasar Hotel, here badly enough, several motors broke down after passing through puddles as high as adult knees. How is my motor? Experience from previous floods, don’t turn on the engine, so just push it at that time and thank God it went well afterwards.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to document this incident, because of the situation that was not possible and my cellphone was not waterproof. Some friends reported that their area also experienced floods such as Ciledug and Bekasi, and below is one of the sightings, hehehe.

Hopefully this incident will pass quickly and we can take lessons from this incident, amiiinnnn.


2019 Grab Notes

2019 Grab Notes

In the evening, I get info from Grab, usually it’s promo but this time it’s different, that is … check this out.



Using Grab since February 28 2016? Still a toddler.

January 3 where do I go? I also forgot and I searched in History, apparently only the last 1 month from the Transport menu, if from the Transactions menu, last July 2019.

41 times Grab ride with a distance of 387 km, at most I ordered to myself can be counted on the fingers, the rest of the office account and messages for others.

Chatime ordered 12 times, it’s really spoiled, even though I walked there at most 5 minutes. But indeed, sometimes when in Lotte or BK, I order Chatime, because I want to just take a promo, and of course Grab also saves time between, hehehe.

Ok so while the information, we are waiting for the Grab update in the following year.


Goodbye BlackBerry Messenger

Goodbye BlackBerry Messenger

Thursday night, April 18, 2019 at around 9:45 p.m. WIB, as usual, after arriving at the office, I was browsing several sites to find out about information and was quite surprised when I read the title of the article above. After making sure to the official website, the news is indeed true. Following are some screen shoots from the site https://blog.bbm.com/2019/04/18/time-to-say-goodbye-english-version/.



BlackBerry (BB) has its own nostalgic story for me. The first time I touched a BB device around 2008, namely BB Bold 9000 which still uses a trackball, belongs to a boss who wants to set up an email and activated BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Indeed, at that time, from several devices that I had tried, only BB was said to be the most successful in push email services.

In 2010, then I first had my own BB, the BB Torch 9800, the current price was around 5 million rupiah. I have a reason why I just bought a BB at that time, because of the physical keyboard and touch screen in 1 device. Before buying the BB, at that time I still had the Nokia C6, which also has a touch screen and physical keyboard, just different sliding models. Mobile phones that use a physical keyboard when it still dominates compared to touch screens, so need a little adaptation for these changes.

PING PING PING, a sound that is very typical of BB, which maybe until now there are still those who use it in WA, but only P P P. There was no privacy at the time, so there was someone like 1 year waiting for an answer whose status was R, hehehe.

I am quite satisfied using the BB, until finally BB issued a tablet device to enliven the market from other competitors. The 16GB BB Playbook (PB) fell to me a year later. The reason I bought PB is because it can be connected to the BB, it’s quite easy to do BBM from this PB. I don’t know after some PB cameras were damaged, so it was quite disturbing and there was no update and support for the device, so I finally museumed this device first.

The following is the look of the Nokia C6, BB and BP that I have rediscovered after all this time, goodbye friend.

Thank You Barapi

Thank You Barapi

October 6, 2018, Barapi posted the following view on his IG, where I became one of his followers (it reads badly if it is written as “followers”, please understand). I tried to follow these T & Cs, yes, of course in the hope of winning, not bad for a free dinner gift.

Alhamdulillah, it was his luck, my photo was also displayed as a winner and as a birthday gift of course.

Oh yeah, just for info, Barapi is a restaurant that serves steaks and the like. I know it because of the working route at that time and of course also because of the info board in front of it which often provides promo info.

I forgot exactly when I first came here. Seen from the front view, it looks like the place is not too wide and my guess is correct, when I first went inside after going through the cashier, there were about 7 tables of different sizes, for two and four, if more? yes, just combine the table.

For those of you who are located nearby, please stop by to try the delicious burgers and steaks. Always success Barapi. Thanks.


Thank You Panasonic

Thank You Panasonic

Oh no, the TV doesn’t turn on !!! even though it was normal last night, was it because I watched the movie from USB? That was a glimpse of the wife’s information when she wanted to watch TV and my guess about that. Yup, there is no orange standby indicator lights on, I have tried to unplug and reinstall the power cable, only the yellow indicator light flashes once it dies. My wife said the next morning the F2 was tinkering around the back of the TV. I was not suspicious of his behavior at the time, considering that the TV was installed on the wall, so what would he want to do with him?

Finally I tried to get out of the wall and put it temporarily on the floor while trying to handle it further and finally still nothing. Finally, I call 0804-111-1111, the process is not too long to bring in technicians, about 1-2 days ahead at a cost of Rp. 100,000 because it’s not guaranteed, if it’s true, I give thumbs up to Panasonic. If you want to read the reason I chose Panasonic, please read here.

There was no news on the first day and then I was contacted by a technician around 11am and was promised to arrive around 3pm. Because I was on holiday so there were no problems with that time, but if it couldn’t, it could have been rescheduled. Around 3:30 p.m. WIB, 2 technicians arrived at the house and immediately checked, the temporary results were the same as my previous check.

In less than 5 minutes, my TV had been exposed to the back, assisted by Analog Multimeters not found any damage symptoms, but the technician suspected that there was damage on the mainboard. How much is it, sir? About 1.5 million he said, wow the head was immediately surrounded by Morning Star. I have not made a decision for that and the TV components are paired as before, because there are no indications of damage, so he want to try again and thank God it can light up. It was informed by the first technician who seemed “lucky” to find such a problem when the installation process returned, which was caused by the power button in the back position turned off and correct when the results were tested again. the button is in the off position, why does the indicator just blink once and then die? ” it turns out if it is not in the standby position or is turned off, it will be the result.

Investigate, it might be true like the wife’s info at the beginning, 99% of the perpetrators were F2, because only him cute hand could slip between the gaps, if at the moment he had been able to speak, maybe confession would be made, hahaha. So after checking again, finally my TV can be used again.

In this case I would like to thank the two technicians (sorry, I forgot the name) and CS named Yuni who helped me, hopefully Panasonic can maintain this fast service to its customers. Thank you Panasonic.


When the Time has Come

When the Time has Come

No no no. The title above is not a fragment of a song that is currently being played at this time (Akad) and this is…

I realized when I was wearing my second child’s clothes after taking a shower and at that time there was his brother on the side. About 1-2 years ago, when I did the same thing, my brother was always silent when clothes were chosen, but after getting to know clothes, sometimes he said “I don’t want to wear that clothes … I want red clothes” or he ran when he wanted to wear clothes so we chase each other. This might also happen to his younger brother when the time has come.

Yes, yes … when the time has arrived, everything will change over time. The paragraphs above are only examples, and when they have begun to understand, the following will happen:

When the time comes, they will go to school for the first time in their cute uniforms. I still remember when elementary school where bottled drinking always missed in class when I came home, it turned out that it was not just parents who were forgetful, elementary school children also experienced it, hehehe.

When the time comes, they will ask for their own privacy. This happens usually when adolescents and begin to recognize relationships. Hmmm, when adolescents, Alhamdulillah, I was a good child (if I remember correctly), yes, even though naughty is also a naughty boy who is still natural. Hope you guys are better than daddy, love you son muachh.

When the time comes, they will know about the opposite sex … hmm, no comment if this is the case. The point is that parents must educate as well as possible so that they are not wrong in their relationships and actions.

When the time comes, they will get married … I hope they will get married around the age of 25, why? because our age is far different, so there’s no harm in hoping there is still a chance to hold a cute grandson, Amin.

If the time has come … actually there are many other examples and more details but I think it’s enough and when the time comes … I will update again.

Bila nanti saatnya telah tiba..ku ingin kau menjadi…