Camping in Cibuluh Land

Camping in Cibuluh Land

His intention was to rent a villa and surveyed Puncak Bogor twice until I finally found the “suitable” one before sunset. Luckily the villa has not been in DP because it is close to H-day many are canceled. But the journey must go on, so I looked for a way out and this article came to be.

Yes, we decided to camp at Cibuluh Land in the Sentul area which is not too far from Jakarta, of course it doesn’t have to be odd or even. I got info from the Facebook group and indeed the CG (camping ground) is on my list, because it is suitable if you bring children, there is a waterfall and swimming pool to play.

The rain accompanied us when we entered the Sentul area, even though it wasn’t too heavy, I still gasped to the location. Different from the previous camp, this time the team brought complete kitchen utensils so thank God there was no malnutrition.

At night the air was not too cold, I forgot to check the temperature, either because of its position in the forest so that the wind was not too strong even though it was the middle of the night the rain knocked on my tent many times. Even during the day the weather was still cool and it rained again when we were going home.

Here are my conclusions during the visit:

Advantages :

– easy to reach location and good road access.

– available campervan (tent next to the car).

– plenty of toilets, clean and free.

– available prayer room.

– the camping area is quite spacious, there are even glamping rentals too.

– the presence of a waterfall and swimming pool, suitable for children.

– there is a cafe within the CG area and a grocery shop outside the CG area.

Deficiency :

– Entering the CG area, the way down is quite steep and in my opinion there should be a post / coordination between officers who are worried when there are cars passing at the same time.

– the view, yes, because the position of the CG area is in the forest, so there are no other views except trees and monkeys.

– If the heavy rain doesn’t fall when I want to go home, maybe I won’t tell you about this, because at that time I saw the river water which was originally clear turned brown and of course it would disturb visitors who were swimming in the river (I didn’t have time to take a photo because it was raining heavily at the time).

Once again, thank God I am still given the pleasure of this trip, thank you. Oh yes, before visiting it is recommended to make a reservation in advance, the price and contact are at the end of the picture.


Camping in Alun-Alun Kuta Genggelang

Camping in Alun-Alun Kuta Genggelang

Alhamdulillah, I was still given the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool air from the foot of Mount Bunder, to be precise at the Alun-alun Kuta Genggelang (AKG).

Initially attracted back to camping when I saw a friend tagged in one of the campsites on Facebook. The last time I camped at Alun-alun Surya Kencana, I forgot what year it was because at that time there was no smartphone, only a Fuji camera that I brought with me.

I suggested it to my sister and apparently it was a tit for tat. Heavy rain continued our arrival at the location at around 3 pm after traveling about 61 Km and taking about 3 hours by motorbike (including lunch and prayer breaks).

I rented a tent size of 2 people for about 100 thousand and a flysheet for about 25 thousand. Adults are charged an entrance fee of 35 thousand per night to stay and small children are still free. I think it’s still affordable to enjoy the facilities provided. The toilet consists of 2 places about 50 meters apart and is free.

For other camping equipment, Arif and Iqbal’s colleagues have assisted and the consumption is well prepared by 2 beautiful women, hahaha.

The location of the tent that I live in is not far from the toilet and the night view is wow, please check the photos.

There are stalls selling food and drink too if we don’t bring enough food. Around 10 am I had to leave here because the sun was quite scorching.

Oh yes, to get to the location, motorbikes and cars have different routes, even though my search after passing through the two, it turns out that motorbikes and cars can still pass. The motorbike route passes through residential areas, and if you pass the car route, you will see the D’Bunder View tourist entrance first before entering the AKG area.

Here are my conclusions for the AKG at that time:

Excess :

– road access to the location is not fully asphalted but it is easy for motorbikes and cars to pass.

– Vehicles can be parked next to the tent, including cars if you get the right location.

– clean and free toilets.

– The camping area is quite spacious.

Lack :

– the downstairs toilet at that time did not come out, it looked like it had just been built.

– For those who bring small children, please pay attention because there is no barrier to the bottom side of the camping area.

– because there are no tall trees, the weather during the day is very hot, it is recommended to arrive at the location around the afternoon.

Thank you.


Kiluan Bay

Kiluan Bay

Alhamdulillah, that was the first time I said it and thank God it was back because:

  1. This trip plan should be around July 2019 and then the end of December 2019 according to the discussion on this trip, but in July our schedule is not yet possible and approaching December, I am already pessimistic because there are our colleagues who are grieving in the previous month, so it is also impossible for me to discuss holidays but humans can plan, God determines. Such things bring grist to his mill , early December the WAG continued to ring and immediately executed the date and place right then, so this article became a name.
  1. Rainy season? So sure, since elementary school we have been informed about the month ending Ber, it’s the rainy season, even though now it has missed. So, what’s the connection? Check this out.

As usual, we walked out after each of our working hours. Itinerary at 7pm, considering the time taken to Merak Harbor is about 4 hours from our location. But who are we, the incessant rain made us gaspol around 9 pm even though at that time the rain was still loyal to accompany us until we arrived at the port around 1 in the morning.

We almost waited for about 1 hour from the time of ticket purchase and boarding. It’s my first time here, to be honest I don’t seem to have gotten the proper information for the ship because we have been going back and forth about 3 places to board the boat.

Nervous ? It’s just normal, even though I can’t swim, stay relaxed even though it’s the first time taking a ship, hahaha, before I only took a fishing boat on a trip to Thousand Islands, if I took a plane, the “Critical Eleven” would be different.

After parking the motorbikes, many were in a hurry to get to the top, it was my first ride, so it’s normal, it turns out that they are looking for a good resting place (comfortable position), hahahaha. Unfortunately we ran out of space in that room, but there was still another room, you could say class 2, there was still air conditioning too and could sleep comfortably.

Can sleep ? Thank God 1 hour. Around 4 am there was an announcement that the ship would soon arrive at its destination and after the Fajr prayer on the ship, soon we were gaspol again.

From the port to Bandar Lampung about 1 hour 30 minutes where the road at that time was very quiet or was it always like this ? We took a short nap at the gas station 24,352-46 where it took about 2 hours to reach the location.

Finally, around 11:30 am arrived at Teluk Kiluan, click click, take a photo first, hahaha. It turned out that there was a waiter, meaning the staff who offered us to spend the night and tour there. Oh yeah, on this trip we didn’t look for lodging online before, so we immediately looked at the location. After looking at about 4 locations we got a decent place (cheap and great views).

Take a short break and in the afternoon we take a tour to Kelapa Island. Oh yeah again, before I consulted Guntor, who had been there before, he was staying at Kelapa Island and the road to Kiluan Bay was not so smooth (indeed, I saw a lot of asphalt patches, maybe it has been repaired). Fortunately, I didn’t participate in staying at Kelapa Island, why? because after nightfall, oh no, it’s very dark and there are only a few inns where the bathroom is separate, aka outside and only 1 food stall and our blood becomes delicious food for the flocks of mosquitoes on the island.

Back at the inn, we were immediately treated to seafood that had been ordered beforehand, the price was still affordable and the taste was not that disappointing. Cellphone signals other than red plates, don’t expect to be online here. Fortunately, Lae Hotby was kind enough to be a temporary ISP, finally getting online. Drizzle also became our sleep companion at that time.

This is the main event, seeing dolphins with extraordinary challenges. It is recommended that around 6 to 8 am is the perfect time to see it. About 1 hour on the high seas looking for them, finally paid off, already tired of this trip, 30 minutes with the dolphins is enough to make this sound almost exhausted and be extra careful, because? yes because when recording them, my cellphone does not have any security, more like a ring, so if at that time there is a pounding and splashing, oh no.

After lunch, we immediately returned to gaspol and before entering the port door, took the time to buy souvenirs that were tailored to the conditions of the backpack, yes a backpack because that was all that was possible to store the food.

The return trip takes longer, starting from the queue for tickets, my advice is to bring E-Money, because while in Merak you can use cash, here are assisted by ticket officers with their own but of course there is an admin fee, it’s still affordable.

For the lodging that we live in, you can contact him in the last picture and the previous picture is the plan of the place we will visit, but whatever the power, the road is not good and the time is not possible, the plan is living plan.

Want to come back here? I will rethink it well, I hope the local government will improve the roads to this area, install lighting and make tourist spots of higher quality so that they can help the economy of the local people. How come you become rich in speech? let it go, hahaha.

We arrived back at Merak Harbor, but beforehand dinner around there while planning the next trip, which is July 2020. Arrived at home around 2 in the morning and continued from point 2 above, thank God on the way come and go, the weather is very friendly, except when it was early to the port and it rained again after we arrived at our respective homes.

Have a good rest…


Geopark Ciletuh (English)

Geopark Ciletuh (English)

The 2nd session touring is planned around October 2018 with the aim of Ciletuh Geopark in Sukabumi. It comes from the word “Sukabumi” in my heart, how far the distance will be traveled and the time, considering I have been to the area a few years ago by car for office rafting, the time from Ciawi is around 2 hours by traveling with twists and no hopes further, hahaha.

Agung said, which had been there a while ago, took about 8 hours with a relaxing trip. Wow 8 hours on a motorbike, I don’t think it feels. However, if you look at the route from Google Maps, it takes around 3-4 hours, of course, travel without a break.

Far away we are looking for lodging on the grounds of 28-30 December 2018 later when the day of the possibility of a price surge can occur considering that it has entered a long holiday at the end of the year, but alhamdulillah does not get the exact location of some popular travel applications because of the distance and not according to our funds, hehehe.

Day H arrived, we all gathered in RDTX and this time more than one other person, namely Putra. Road around 23:30 WIB with Depok – Bogor route, to get to our location using Goggle Maps navigation. Our first break at the Cikereteg gas station, and continued until 6 am to have breakfast around the Bagbagan T-junction. Here I closed my eyes for a moment because it was 5 watts. Light rain accompanied us all the way since Fajr until this morning.

At our junction to the left direction of the Geopark which is written still 71 KM again, OMG. Lots of good beach and hill views on the way for photo spots but because of the rainy conditions, not all of our places stop by. At one spot around Loji, I met a man from the Permata Hijau area, South Jakarta, he informed me about the road around 5 a.m. and indeed wanted to go back to the Geopark area. Either which route he passed or because he was used to it, only took about 3 hours, I had already arrived for about 7 hours, hahaha.

Our God, the wide and beautiful view of the sea we met at Puncak Darma around 9 am, we had time to ask the inn to the parking attendant and it turned out that he had an acquaintance, picked us up to the location of his house. The distance from the Puncak Darma to the village of Cimanjung is about 3 KM with quite steep road conditions and not yet fully on the asphalt it takes 15-20 minutes to get to the location.

If you have stayed at the Thousand Islands, then when entering the village, the conditions are almost the same, namely there are houses on the left and right for rent. After negotiations, we agreed to pay Rp. 500,000 to rent 1 night with the conditions of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is a difference with the house that we usually rent, in this case it turns out the occupants of the house “join” occupy also even if only at night to unwind.

Zzzzz is the second tone of the creature beside me, actually 2 more have the same tone but they sleep in different rooms. About 3 hours enough time to return the lost energy and before going to the main destination, we ate the meatballs that were right next to the house, apparently the seller was the sister of the house owner.

We arrived at Palangpang Beach, Ciletuh Geopark and visited a shop from the house owner’s whom we rented. The visitor was quiet at that time, possibly because of the effects of the Tsunami in Banten some time ago, so many tourists were reluctant to visit the Beach. In the location of the beach, there are around 20 stalls and several villas that are rented, namely the Batman villa, for some reason called Batman, at a glance it does not resemble the shape of a bat, only illustrated.

After Maghrib we returned to the inn, but before visiting the place of eating, we haven’t eaten rice since breakfast this morning. To find food here is quite easy because many people around sell it, so it doesn’t need to be a bother, even though at the inn we were offered a catering package.

At night we looked for prey, uh, eating again meant, this time what we were looking for was grilled fish. Around the road around 10 KM, we have not found a suitable place, until finally it was decided to buy fish at Ciwaru TPI and then process it at the nearby Sea King restaurant. Taste ? much better for my wife’s cooking. The fish and squid that we bought about 2 kg, still feels fishy and is processed modestly, just know enough.

In the morning we had breakfast around Indomaret Ciwaru, one way to Curug Sodong which we will visit today besides Panyawangan. Only about 2 KM from where we had breakfast, we arrived at the entrance by paying Rp. 5,000 / motorbike. There were some residents who offered to go to Curug Cikanteh but we were not interested in remembering a short time. Only about 15 minutes we are here to take pictures because we will go to Panyawangan which is about 11 KM. The view from Panyawangan is not much different from the Puncak Darma, can see vast hills and beaches.

After Zuhr we left the remembrance, the return route was different from the road route, this time we passed the Cikidang and Cibadak areas which even though the exit would remain on the Sukabumi highway too but the time was much shorter. Maybe this is the path that he passed that I explained in the paragraph above before. Before going home, we had dinner at the Bogor Warung Taman area, while taking our time off of course.

For me personally this is the farthest distance by riding a motorbike by myself, coupled with a path that twists and turns by passing some fairly steep slopes and descent. Some of the areas we passed have very minimal lighting, so you have to be more careful when passing it. Alhamdulillah, around 9pm, we arrived at our homes. Thank you to all of you.


Carita Beach

Carita Beach

This trip feels really fun because I just sit sweetly, hehehe, but it’s not really, this is also the first time my vacation only with F1, so it’s more “feel”. Yup, this is also the first vacation after “moving” and maybe my lucky because if follow the initial schedule, I’m certainly can’t join, but the destiny will allow me to adventure.

The destination this time is Carita Beach which takes about 3-4 hours from where we gather. La Gundi Carita Resort, that’s the location of the villa that we rent, consisting of 3 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms in the room. The villa’s room is quite spacious and the yard can accommodate maybe around 10 cars, consisting of 4 villas which are bounded by a bamboo fence and the distance from the beach is around 50 meters, very close to direct water play.

Get there around noon and thank God that lunch has been prepared by Ms. Yuni. For this holiday we bring our own meals and BBQ equipment for the evening program. F1, which from the moment he wanted to swim, he asked to buy a toy sand castle and he said if I bought it, he didn’t play on the sand, but he still a boy, not long after I bought + “incitement” from other creatures, hahaha, he play again on the sand.

Long enough we were on the beach, playing soccer and banana boat, to accompany the sun that was setting. Seeing F1 playing, seems tireless but predictable, after taking a shower and eating, he fell asleep until the sun rose the next day. So, after he slept, I helped prepare dinner, this time the menu was more WAH than before (please see the picture).

The night had arrived, blah blah blah and morning had arrived, blah blah blah, that was the info from the moderator in the game Werewolf, which was the first time I played but it was quite exciting also it turned out that the cold wind of the beach at 2 am forced us to rest. After morning prayers, I fell asleep again but the girls were busy in the kitchen to prepare breakfast with the WOW menu, hahaha.

Oh yes, like the previous arrival, many sellers approached us and even put their wares on the yard, from clothes, toys and food. For foods such as chips, sea fish, squid, brains, etc., I only buy 2 kinds, not as souvenirs but because of deposit, I’m not intended to buy it, hehehe.

After breakfast and playing the word until noon, it’s time to prepare to go back to their homes and like the opening sentence above, this time just sit there because it’s delivered to the house. Thank you, Mr. Nanda and Mr. Uyan for the ride and thank you for the friends who participated in this event. See you later in another story.


Leuwi Hejo (English)

Leuwi Hejo (English)

“Where are we going?” Agung, who is the motorbike’s child, wants to go to Leuwi Hejo and surely he will ride the motorbike too, but because at that time the rainy season was rather like that. He also planned to go to Lampung, but the plan for our final plan was to go to Fahmi’s destination. We take four streets around 10 pm, wait for Agung to finish the task and Lae Hotby has been waiting around Kranggan.

Even here there is still no purpose to spend the night, check on the Leuwi location map approximately 1 hour to the destination but whoever wants to midnight to the waterfall, creepy. Finally we try to find food first, maybe later you can get an idea. Midnight road from Kranggan – Cileungsi – Wanaherang – Gunung Putri just to look for mung bean porridge, hahaha, and thanks God it can be after so many places.

Finally we went to Puncak, the next day to Leuwi Hejo, that’s the idea from me. Finish eating we immediately go to Puncak and only takes 30 minutes, yeah it’s the way at 2pm. Up looking for cheap accommodation, because there is only a little time left before checking out, and finally you can also get 1 room three beds, only 200 thousand plus can drink coffee as much as you like.

After checking out, we checked in, how come? yes we are looking for more accommodation, this time using Traveloka and the result is we stay at Grand Pesona Ksatria, the place is nice and affordable, next time if I go to Puncak again, maybe I will stay here again. After checking in, we go for a cheap and healthy meal, stop by the restaurant in front of the junction of the Safari Park. To spend the rest of the afternoon, we walk towards TS, only the intention is to just pass through the hahaha, but it turns out there is a small park when the direction goes home, the name is Recycle Park, so we take a short break there.

At night it rained, forced to find food in front of the inn and could not walk anywhere until the sun rose the next day.

Our road to Leuwi Hejo goes through Sentul direction, exactly follow Google Maps, the road is more or less in line with Mount Pancar, which I visited a while ago, but if I am not mistaken, I take it to the left to get to Leuwinya. Honestly, the way in my opinion is rather creepy, right – left ravine and steep winding, so be sure to be very careful and if it’s raining, I suggest not to the location.

Arriving in front of the gate, we ask the locals first, to make sure that this is indeed the location we are looking for, be advised along the way there are many directions to the location along with other tourist locations. It is suggested by them to park the motorbike in the last parking lot, for whatever reason we try to just follow it.

It turned out that the reason was to avoid the road that was quite far from the initial parking lot, I did not count how many meters but maybe if walking might take about 7 minutes from the initial parking to the end because of the rocky road. So there is a plus and minus in this case, the minus is that if there is rain, you have to be more careful because the road is very slippery.

There are two entrances, directly to Leuwi Hejo or to Leuwi Cepat, first, you will come back to Leuwi Hejo, the reason is the entrance fee, but it turns out the same, after you finish from Leuwi Cepat, you have to pay again to Leuwi Hejo.

We play long enough at Leuwi Cepat because the road to here is quite wasteful too, because I rarely exercise so we rest first. It arrived at Leuwi Hejo which is said to be similar to Green Canyon in Pangandaran mini version. If I see it isn’t too much, either because I don’t swim, but seeing from above is horrified first, it’s rich enough. Unlike in Pangandaran, I passed the water route first, then we jumped from the top of the rock, making it safer.

We finally play water on the rocks but not with a lump of stone, can it bump, later. Only about 10 minutes we are here and then back to the parking lot, and OMG, really, it turns out that only about 5 minutes have arrived at the parking lot, why are we getting around first if the place is close enough, just take the positives, we exercise while looking at the power The Creator.

How come we take a different direction because the local residents are told to walk to Cibinong, is it closer? Hopefully, hehehe. The return route is arguably safer and better than the coming lane that we passed even though it was raining. Thanks God, it turned out right, we arrived behind the Cibinong police station, close to Cibinong market and here we scattered and it seemed like the previous vacation, I had to go to the office because the night shift, hahahaha was tragic.