Continuing the  previous article, this time  I will use the Samsung Smart Switch (SS) app  on a PC/laptop to back up the data on HP.  The app can be downloaded here  with a  size of about 39.2 MB. The installation process is quite easy, click Next and Finish and if the  PC / laptop at that time is still connected to the  internet, then it  will be checked for application updates, wait until you’re done and then click OK.  Oh yes, I will back up data from Samsung Galaxy A70 (SM-A705F)  and Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) (SM-A750GN).



Here’s the guide :

1. In the SS  application that has been opened, connect the HP device to be backed up (in this case I backup the Samsung Galaxy A70 first). If your device uses a password, please open it first.

2. Select Allow if the image appears as follows.

3. If  your HP device is connected, click Backup.

4. Select the data to back up and then click OK and wait for it to finish and  then click OK.



5. SS will inform the data that  is not backed up and the result of the backup, click OK to close it.

6. Next I will remove the Samsung Galaxy A70 and connect the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) HP.  Unlike  before, this time the  SS  application detected an application update for the  Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018), click Update – Continue – Continue and wait for it to finish and  then click OK and  will go back to the start page.



7. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as above  until the result is like step 5.



So the step to back it up, how to restore it?  it’s actually easy, just click Restore and follow the  next step, but at that time  I didn’t have a  chance to try it.  Just pray that I have  a chance to discuss it.  Thank you.