After a few days before the motorbike tax ran out, I looked for good information via the internet and friends about online tax management. Understandably, because it’s still a pandemic, as much as possible for me to avoid crowds. Previously, I used to take care of Gandaria City Mall.

After trying several applications, I finally managed to take care of the motorbike tax online, it only took about 3 days after the registration process and the new motorbike tax arrived in my wallet, wkwkwk.

I use the SIGNAL application from my Android phone (there are some parts that may be different from your cellphone and can be adjusted according to the appearance), here’s the guide:


1. Installation (figure 1-8):

a. Open Playstore and look for the Samolnas Jakarta application, if it appears, select SIGNAL – SAMSAT DIGITAL NASIONAL.

b. Click Install, wait for it to finish then click OPEN.

c. Swipe left on each information that appears and then on the last slide, click Daftar Disini.



2. Self Registration (figure 9-20):

a. Enter the data according to the column and click LANJUT.

b. Click VERIFIKASI SEKARANG – LANJUT – Izinkan – WHILE USING THE APP – ALLOW – Pakai foto ini – LANJUT – Pakai foto ini.

c. When finished, it will automatically receive an OTP to the mobile number that has been registered and make sure it is successful then click KEMBALI KE BERANDA.



3. Email activation (figure 21-25):

a. Select WHILE USING THE APP – OK – X (X mark).

b. Open the verification email, click AKTIVASI EMAIL and return to the application, make sure it has been successful.



4. Vehicle Registration (figure 26-30):

a. Click + Tambah Kendaraan Bermotor and fill in the appropriate vehicle data (can be seen on the STNK) then click LANJUT.

b. Make sure the results are appropriate, to see it click LIHAT DAFTAR.

c. Click on NRKB / vehicle list to see details.



5. Validation of STNK and Payment (figure 31-43):

a. Click Pendaftaran Pengesahan STNK, select NRKB, then the registered vehicle number will appear, click LANJUT.

b. Remember, make sure it’s close to maturity, otherwise the message Tidak Berhasil di Daftarkan will appear.

c. Next, the nominal payment will appear, swipe right on Kirim dokumen TBPKP, click LANJUT.

d. Select the desired delivery, click PILIH.

e. The cost details will appear, click LANJUT – LANJUT PROSES PEMBAYARAN.

f. Select the BANK account that will be used, in this case I select Bank BNI, click SELESAI.

g. Click Transaksi to see the running processes. If you have paid, will tick 4.



6. E-TBPKP menu (figure 44-46):

a. On the homepage, click E-TBPKP, select NRKB – E-TBPKP 2021.

b. Tax data will appear to be sent.



7. E-STNK APPROVAL menu (figure 47-49):

a. On the homepage, click E-PENGESAHAN STNK, select NRKB – E-Pengesahan STNK 2021.

b. Vehicle data will appear.



8. E-KD menu (figure 50-52):

a. On the homepage, click E-KD, select NRKB – E-KD 2021.

b. A Dana card from Jasa Raharja will appear.



9. Transactions (figures 53-60):

a. The next day (the 24th) I always monitor the process from the Transaksi menu.

b. On the 25th it was in the process of being delivered and in the morning it arrived at my house.



I would like to thank the Samsat Jakarta for making it easier for motorized vehicle owners in managing vehicle documents and I hope to be able to maintain this SIGNAL application.