Domains that are already active, by default, their NS (Name Servers) will point to &

For that, I will change it to the NS domain name itself so that it looks more like that, hehehe. For example, I took for example the domain, which was the result of checking from Pandi and as shown below :

  1. Login to and select the domain you want to change.

  1. Click Child Name Servers, fill in and the IP server that will be used as the domain server, then click Save.

  1. Click Modify on Name Servers and change to and then click Update Name Servers.

Following are the results of checking from and about 20 minutes later. Oh yeah, if the results on look a lot in red, please ignore it because I haven’t installed the domain in the intended NS, so it’s not recognized.

Following are the results after pointing to hosting.

Good luck.