This time I will provide a guide to the installation of the camera IP (which is an application, not physically). I tried this device for only a few hours, after that it was returned to its owner :). This is the camera IP that I first tried, previously there was CCTV NVR which has the same function, which is to monitor along with recording a place but using hard disk media as a storage place.

Package from the box :

  1. IP Camera device
  2. Adapter, 0.3A Input, Output 5V 2mA
  3. Warranty card
  4. Guide card
  5. 1m LAN cable
  6. Bracket
  7. Screw and fischer

Equipment needed:

  1. Wireless router
  2. Smartphone (HP) that has installed the Super Spring IP CAM application



If you look at the guide provided and the results of browsing from the seller’s website and the experiments I did, there were differences at the beginning of the camera search process. Here’s the topology and how to install it :

Topology : smartphone <–> router wireless <–*> IP Cam

<–> =¬† wireless.

<–*> = ¬†wireless or LAN cable.

  1. Make sure the HP has been connected to the wireless router and the Super Spring IP CAM application has been installed, following the application’s appearance.

  1. Click the + sign on the home page to add the camera then select Add manually.

  1. There will be 2 ways, namely Wi-Fi SmartConfig and Ethernet cable, in this case I choose wireless, but it doesn’t matter if using a LAN cable because it will get similar results.

  1. Information appears to turn on the camera with sound notification. The Add Camera will display the wireless name automatically and cannot be changed, it can only enter the password in the Wifi passw field, please enter the wifi password then click ADVANCED and the results will appear as follows :



  1. Select the UID number listed so that the following image appears, then click OK.

  1. Here are the results. Select the image to zoom in with an icon to adjust the camera.

The distance of the IP Cam, HP and router in this experiment is about 50 cm, very close together. When I tried to play the right, left, top and bottom guides, it was quite responsive but sometimes there was a pause too.

There is a configuration if you want to see or change it, that is by selecting the circle point 3 in the upper right, it will appear as a result of the camera and video, delete and edit the camera, for 1 feature I do not know its function.

Advanced Settings :

  • Set up a wireless connection

  • Set the motion sensor

  • Set the recording mode

  • View Micro SD capacity installed

Time Setting :

  • Managing time

Note: I do not use Micro SD, if you use the Snapshot feature and video recording, the results will be stored on the cellphone.

Sorry if there is still a lack of information for the device, thank you.