I have 2 domains, say domain A already has a website and domain B is just a domain. I want when typing domain B in the browser, it will lead to domain A but the address bar in the browser still says domain B.

Oh yes, please pay attention to the paragraph above, because it is almost similar to domain forwarding, but what I will do here is masking the domain. The different is :

Domain forwarding : URL and display according to the redirected domain.

Domain masking : Fixed URL, the display will change according to the redirected domain.

I’ve used cPanel before, but it seems that the method is more difficult compared to the Plesk I’m currently using, but cPanel has the advantage that it doesn’t delete content from the domain you want to redirect to, in Plesk the entire domain content will be deleted.

Here’s the configuration in Plesk :

  1. Login to Plesk then click Domains – the domain name you want to redirect to – Hosting Settings.

  1. In Hosting type, click Change and select Forwarding and in Forwarding type select Frame forwarding then click OK.

  1. Plesk will give a warning about the forwarding, click Yes.

  1. Please try typing domain B in the address bar and make sure the contents of website A appear.

Good luck and thank you.