To find out the condition of traffic  or lanes that  we will pass,  I usually check via Google Maps (red indicates traffic jam).  But there are different events, this cauldron I will try to monitor CCTV traffic  from 2 sources, namely:

  1. CCTV belonging to the Department of Transportation which can be accessed here.

On the page, there were about 36 CCTV from various regions and 2 via drone, but when I tried to access via drone, it didn’t work.

I tried to access some CCTV but it seemed that the clock listed did not match the time when I accessed it, around 19.30 WIB. There are even some who do not display the time.

Here’s what it looks like :



  1. The site, whether there is some CCTV in this site, maybe more than 20 CCTV and also listed on the map on the start page to more easily monitor the area we want.

Unlike before, many ads on the page, yes maybe as one of the sources of funds to keep this site operating.

There are several navigation buttons to facilitate access on this site  such as CCTV, Condition, Map, Location and Download that look like the following.  But if I try to click Google play Full or Free and a search from HP does not find the application.



I tried to access one of the CCTV in anCol area. At first I was confused because the image did not move and after I click Refresh, the image will be updated with the latest time. It turns out that there are indeed pictures and videos, to see videos, click Video but it doesn’t seem to be live streaming like Dishub’s, maybe to save bandwidth. So I can only see about 7 seconds and to see  the current situation, click Refresh again to get the latest results.

It is also mentioned the location of the camera so that it makes it easier to see the direction and destination of traffic and more interestingly there is Timelapse where we can see re-recording starting from 30 minutes, 2 hours, 24 hours and 2 days before.

And on the page below, there are comments that will be connected directly to the Twitter application.



Here’s a CCTV view of each location.



Oh yes, make sure your internet  connection is stable to access the CCTV, hopefully help, thank you.