Usually if we buy a new cellphone, surely we want all the data in the old cellphone to move to a new cellphone, such as pictures, songs, contacts, etc. If the new cellphone is still one brand with an old cellphone, the possibility is not too difficult, because the data transfer application is already available from the cellphone. Constraints will be found if different brands, it requires third-party applications to process it and not necessarily perfect.

This time I will move data from Samsung J5 to Samsung A7 with the Smart Switch (SS) application that is available on each of these HPs. Before doing, make sure the battery condition in each HP above 50% is sufficient for the duration of the transfer. Here’s the guide.

  1. Run the SS application on both phones. Click Agree and Start for the next process.

  1. On Samsung J5, select Send data and on Samsung A7, select Receive data.

  1. Select Wireless on both of these phones as connecting media.

  1. On Samsung J5, select the data you want to transfer, then click Send.

On the Samsung A7, select the OS from the old cellphone, in this case I choose Android.



  1. The search process between HP will take place and on Samsung A7 will ask for confirmation to receive data from Samsung J5, click Receive for the next process.

  1. For the finished time depends on the amount of data that is moved, and if it has been completed, then the configuration on the new HP will be similar (depending on the features of HP) with the old cell phone, among others, telephone call logs, SMS, contacts, email configuration (enough re-enter the password for verification), third-party applications will also be installed on the new HP according to the old cellphone, but not including the previous login and data, for the WA application to be backed up via Google so that it will be restored later, including the wallpaper will also be installed automatically.

Besides the method above, there is also a Smart Switch application for PC, if there is a chance again I will try it. Thanks.