This time I made a guide on how to move the e-faktur database between computers / laptops. It’s very easy to do, but before this is practiced, please ensure that you have saved a digital certificate and know the password, because without it, you will not be able to upload e-invoices.

I myself just found out when the transfer process was successful and new problems occurred when I wanted to upload the latest data, thank God the information needed is still stored, if not, please contact 1500200 or to

Let’s get on with it, here’s how :

  1. On the PC / laptop that has the e-invoice installed, right-click on the e- faktur icon and select Properties.

  1. Select the Shortcut tab and click Open File Location, a new window will open. In the Properties window, click OK to close it.

  1. In the newly opened window, where the e- faktur data is located, select the db folder then right-click and select Copy, please copy it to the flash disk / other storage area.

  1. On the destination PC / laptop, if you don’t have an e- faktur application, you can download it below by adjusting the version of Windows you are using.

  1. After the download is complete, extract the .zip with applications such as, Winzip, Winrar, 7zip or the like. If you use Windows 7 and above, you can extract it directly without the need for additional applications. The extract will be like the image below.

  1. Copy the db folder to the main e-invoice folder, so it looks like the following picture.

  1. Run ETaxInvoice.exe as usual and check to make sure the latest data has been copied as before. The following folder display after the ETaxInvoice.exe application is run.

Good luck.