If you read the title above, is it possible? I asked in 2 different hosting places in Indonesia about this and it turned out to have a different answer, namely “For domains it can only be directed to one hosting only” and “can be done by pointing A record to our hosting”, so which is the correct answer? Of course the second answer in my opinion is correct, even if we googling it will likely get the same answer. But in this case we must be more observant before doing this, wrong analysis can result in one service not going well.

Ok we will play for a while before you read my answer why choose the second one, so please pay close attention.

Kata pengantar :

Foreword :

So far if you buy domains and hosting, the domain zone record will be created automatically after NS is directed and also my experience while still playing cPanel to WHM, hopefully this paragraph has an understanding.

If there is no record change, usually we will create a website and in one hosting, for websites generally there are not too many configurations, especially if installing it from Softaculous. For e-mail if we are setting on a PC or cellphone, generally using the same POP and SMTP, namely mail.domainname.com, different things can be found if you see a in Webmail, you can use another POP and SMTP name. Hopefully there is still understanding here.

Then what if we want to make or move one of them to another server or hosting which certainly has a different IP? In this case, I will move my website to a new hosting with IP, for still on old hosting.

Let’s play :

Next, I will inform you about my domain zone record that is currently active, before you read the next paragraph, I ask you to make the answer on a piece of paper first so that it can be a comparison of the processes that I have done.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …… ..1000 tick tok tick tok, time is up, ok save your answer and let’s see the process that I am working on. Oh yeah to be sure, I give info about A and the record of irfani.info from various sources.

intodns.com source

whatsmydns.net source

ISP server source

mxtoolbox.com source

I will change it through old cPanel hosting, here’s how :

  1. Login to cPanel and select Zone Editor.

  1. Notice in the main image, Destination Type : irfani.info and mail.irfani.info have a CNAME to irfani.info which means that both of these records refer to the A record of irfani.info and if we change the A record from irfani.info, that is IP to another IP, in this experiment, then after the deployment of the service it will not work because it has moved the IP address, another case if I fill POP and SMTP with IP, then the email will still function.
  2. For that I will change mail.irfani.info from type CNAME to A record, so that when the A record changes, the will remain at IP
  3. Click Edit, change the CNAME to A in Type, then fill in the Record and click Save Record.



  1. Next I will change the from irfani.info to mail.irfani.info, click Edit, just add mail. (use point) in the Destination column, so that it becomes mail.irfani.info then click Save Record.

  1. Then I will change the A record from Irfani.info, click Edit, change IP to then click Save Record, until the result is like this and wait until the distribution period is over, how long? Generally, ISPs inform you 1 x 24 hours, but usually about 1 hour is complete.

  1. I used to check the spread on the site www.whatsmydns.net (can find out the DNS in a country) and www.mxtoolbox.com, for local you only need to use nsslokup from the command prompt. The following is the result of changing the 2 records :

whatsmydns.net source, is still a deployment process

source mxtoolbox.com, has changed IP

whatsmydns.net source, has changed IP

source intodns.com, has changed IP

the source of the ISP server, has changed

source mxtoolbox.com, has changed MX

  1. If it has changed, we can immediately try it, on the I can’t give info because the results are still (as if there is no change) and the results of A record are the appearance of my site turned into a Google page, because I use Google IP, hehehe.

If you have a different answer but the results are still the same, please inform me through the comments column so that I can learn too. Thus the information that I can give, hopefully provides benefits. Thanks.