For those of me who often move work locations with laptops and sometimes are required to configure IP addresses so that they can connect to a network, it will be very troublesome if done manually. But it will be easy if you use the NetSetMan application.

NetSetMan is an application used to manage network profiles in Windows operating systems in 6 different profiles, structurally which can be arranged in a profile include :

  • IP Addresses (IPv4 & IPv6!)
  • Gateways (incl. Metric)
  • DNS Servers
  • WINS Servers
  • WiFi Management
  • Computer Name
  • Workgroup
  • Default Printer
  • Network Drives
  • NIC Status
  • Connections (RAS/DUN/PPP/VPN)
  • DNS Suffix
  • Route Table
  • SMTP Server
  • Hosts File Entries
  • System Settings
  • MAC Address
  • Scripts (BAT, VS, JS, …)
  • Program execution

Additionally only in the Pro version:

  • Can be used at work
  • Unlimited amount of profiles
  • Network-Domain
  • Complete Proxy Settings & Browser Home Page (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera)

Of the many features above and enough for me to use the free version, only IP & Gateway and DNS Servers that I often use.

Immediately I give the installation guide and its use :

  1. Download the application at or This application only supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 32 bit and 64 bit versions with free and paid licenses.
  2. After downloading, the installation is quite easy, just simply click Next and Finish.

  1. Following the initial display after installation, the process is very easy :
    a. Click Double-click to give a profile name such as an office.
    b. Select the interface that will be assigned an IP in the down arrow.
    c. Check the column that you want to fill in the IP & Gateway, DNS Server, WINS Server and Additional, then click Activate for the process.

  1. Repeat step 3 if you want to create another network profile in SET1 to SET5, it is very easy, with just one click, I can activate the saved profile. If 6 profiles are still lacking, please use the paid version to get the features mentioned above.

  1. All settings and changes that have been made are stored in a separate (settings.ini) file so it doesn’t matter if you want to copy or move settings to another computer.

Good luck and hopefully avoid the hassle of filling IP. Thank you.