This article is a continuation of the previous article that can be read here.

The device that I am trying now is the ZoneFlex 7341 AP (Single-band, 2.4GHz, 11n), because this product has been discontinued, so there is no description that I can share, but can be searched on the about that.

For the topology as follows :

There are not many choices that can be changed for testing from this device.

Following are the test results from 4 devices :

Type Spesification Wifi (Mbps)
Local (Mbps) International (Mbps)
Download Download
Asus X455LJ i3 5005U / 8 GB 65 37 36 26 41
240 G6 i5 7200U / 8 GB 65 39 35 32 37
Asus TP201S N3710 / 4 GB 150 7 37 6 28
Oppo F7 65 37 45 29 43

The following is an illustration of the test :



The conclusion is :

The results of this test are not much different from the previous device. But the most surprising is the result for the Asus TP201S, which results are very unreasonable. Technically I don’t know that yet, even though the laptop has been restarted many times but the results are more or less the same and sometimes even worse, but if you try to use another wireless, the results are better.‚Äč