Ruijie hmmm the brand that I just heard for Access Point (AP) devices that will be discussed this time and as usual, this time testing is also very short because it wants to be installed at the customer’s place, hehehe. The items I get are still in new condition so you can see the contents of the box.



This AP has a default IP that is with the same username and password, which is admin. But when I tried I did not use the IP, because in general the AP only continued the connection from the main device that gave the DHCP IP, so I tried directly from the DHCP IP that was obtained by the IP.

When opening the home page, information will appear that this device can be accessed by more than 360 browsers and after logging in there will be 3 choices, namely, Fit AP, Fat AP and macc which for topology can be seen from the available images. At first I was confused, because Fit AP was selected by default, but no configuration was found, then I changed to Fat AP and was even more confused because the AP became inaccessible and did not get a DHCP IP after the reboot process. I tried rebooting the Microtic and the AP was the same result.



Finally, I tried to reset the AP (press the Reset button for about 10 seconds in the lit position until the LED blinks green) and this time I tried to equalize the IP block with the AP. After logging in and reappearing the mode page, again I chose Fat AP and the same thing happened again above, but before I had run Ping to IP to confirm the connection, the result after rebooting became RTO, again I tried pairing it directly from Mikrotik and then get a DHCP IP again, is this a bug ? (*)



Topology :

Internet <–> router (DHCP) <–> Ruijie RG-AP720-L

Here’s the configuration of Ruijie RG-AP720-L :

  1. After successfully logging in with the DHCP IP, Quick Settings will appear to select the AP mode to be used, because getting the internet from the main router then I choose the following mode then Next :

AP Working Mode : AP Access Mode

Internet Connection Type : DHCP

  1. Input the desired SSID and password, then click Finish.

Until this step the AP should be able to connect directly to the Internet and my current position is to replace the old AP device to Ruijie’s AP, of course the SSID and password are equated with the old AP configuration, so if you see the Dashboard, it will automatically connect the device that has been connected to the AP long time ago.

  1. On the tab Monitor – User Info we can see the details of the devices connected with the following info :
  • Channel (Radio) : to see the wireless frequency used (2.4 or 5).
  • Action : limit bandwidth or block a device.

  1. To add and change SSID and wireless channels, can be set in Network – Wifi / WLAN.

Attached to a few pages on the AP, I did not take all the pages, only a few of which I found important.

(*) After a few days, I get an AP for testing again, but this time after rebooting, I can successfully log back into the IP.



First of all, I apologize and thank the commenters, but due to server changes, I didn’t back up this page but re-created it, so I made a “screen shot” only comment. Thank you.