The following article is a continuation of this article. Previously I thanked mas Imam from Ruijie for providing information in the comments column so that I could continue writing for Ruijie.

Alhamdulillah, I can get Ruijie again and it has been set by mas Bayu in MACC mode which is also connected to his Cloud account. Because I want to try Cloud, he must first delete the Serial Number (SN) so that later I can configure it on my Cloud account.

Here’s the guide :

  1. I immediately created a Cloud account here and the initial appearance is as follows :

  1. I select Sign up, then fill in the required data in the order, for the Get Secuity Code to be sent via email. After clicking Sign up, you will immediately log in to the Cloud Dashboard.

  1. Following the initial appearance.

  1. To add a device, select Device – Access Point, on the AP List select Add AP – Add a Device, enter the AP serial number and for Alias ​​it can be adjusted, in this case I fill in the LAB, then click OK, the result will look like the following :



  1. For the AP configuration, because it is already connected to the Cloud, it can be changed immediately as if accessing it locally, only different views. Select CONFIGURATION – WIRELESS – Basic.

  1. Select Edit on the Action tab, I will change the SSID, only radio frequency to 2.4 Ghz and wifi password.

  1. To add an SSID, click the + sign, for the frequency I set 5 Ghz to make it easier to distinguish. I can’t directly click Save, I have to fill in the login password first to the AP (to log in from the local side), the password can be compared to the previous one or made new.

  1. On the Radio tab, it is used to enable and disable the frequency used, so if there is a frequency that is turned off, the SSID that uses it will not be recognized.

  1. To view the log, select MAINTENANCE, can choose the log model that will be seen in the LOGS.

  1. There is also a feature for firmware upgrades, which when I tried it was already using the latest version.



A little more info for the indicator on Ruijie that I got from here.

If I notice there are some features that don’t seem to be on the Cloud if I access them locally or maybe there are different sentences that I don’t understand, like :

  1. Blacklist and Whitelist features.

  1. DFS feature.

  1. Port Mapping Feature.

  1. Alarm Setting.

If I check the menu, I get more, but as I mentioned above, maybe I don’t really understand the feature.

There is something strange, yes, it is a very strange, that is in Restore Factory Settings, I have local access and click Restore Factory Settings and the results are back to normal but strangely on the Cloud is still monitored Online with a fixed configuration (SSID still exists), as if nothing has changed.

I tried logging out and re-logged the results are still the same, indeed the AP is still connected to the Internet. My wireless scanning was not detected and sim salabim, suddenly the configuration changed as before (Cloud). Is this the Config Synced Status?

Curious ? I tried resetting again, this time faster than the initial one or it was not reset, it only took about 5 minutes from restart until it became solid blue, and after I logged in, it was immediately like a Cloud configuration.

I am still curious too, after I restored the third time, I installed the router to get DHCP but the Internet is disabled, and after restarting it only reaches the orange indicator and the following login page automatically shows the following image :

I tried logging out and successfully logged in with the default password, namely admin. I tried to activate the Internet again and the result was, 1 minute after connecting the indicator from the orange solid to flashing yellow then solid yellow and immediately changed again to flashing red and after 3 minutes it became solid blue.

If I Torch, the AP leads to IP 35,197,150,240, and like the results above, the AP is directly synchronized with the Cloud.

From here I can conclude that APs that have used the MACC method, as long as they are not deleted the serial number in the Cloud database will still synchronize when the local AP device is connected to the Internet.

To delete a registered AP, you can see it in the following picture :

Maybe just until here first inform me what I gave, for testing the internet speed I made in a different article that can be read here. Thanks.