This time I met again with Ms. 2007 has a problem, which is an error that appears as shown above. The solution to this problem is quite easy because Outlook has provided the Scanpst.exe application in the where Outlook is installed.

In 2007, here are ways to resolve the problem:

1. Open the Scanpst.exe application located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft \Office 12 or C:\Program Files(x86)\ Office\Office 12, click SCANPST.

2. Click Browse, navigate to the location where the .pst file is located and then click Start.

3. The repair process will be carried out in stages with time depending on the size of the .pst file and the specifications of the computer / laptop. The size of my .pst file is around 200MB and the specifications of a laptop with a Dual Core processor and 2GB of RAM, spending about 1 hour.



4. If the scan results are complete, will offer to back up the .pst file before repairs are made. Click Repair for repairs until Repair complete appears, then click OK.‚Äč

5. Repair has finished, please restart the computer / laptop and open again, the above error should not appear again. Good luck.