My colleague’s hard disk (HDD)  the day before was normal and the next morning when connected to the laptop, had the above error. Thanks God, after I helped fix it, I was finally able to access the data again by doing the following method in Windows 11 :

1. Here is the  status of  the HDD when connected to the laptop, only the E drive  appears but the data  status is not visible.

2. When I click local disk E,  the following error appears :

E:\ is not accessible

The parameter is incorrect

3. Click start or the Search icon, type cmd and select Run as administrator.

4. Type chkdsk E: /f /x /r and then Enter, for drive E is adjusted to  your  HDD drive.

5. The repair process  went about 2 hours on my laptop.



6. Here are the results of the repair,  I can access the HDD  again (ignore drive F) and there are bad sectors that may be the  cause of the error.

The causes of  the  above obstacles include  power failure, bad sectors, being infected with viruses or a  damaged Windows system. I recommend always backing up the data to avoid unwanted things  like the  obstacles my colleague is  experiencing.