Configure Vignette Ads on Google Adsense

Configure Vignette Ads on Google Adsense

Actually, I’ve seen this type of ad, but didn’t know the name and when someone asked a question in the group with a screenshot, then I knew and applied it.

Referred to here, vignette ads are full-screen ads that appear between page loads and can be skipped by the user at any time.

Vignette ads are shown when a user leaves the page, not the first time they arrive, so users don’t have to wait for the vignette to load and Google limits the number of vignettes per user to maintain a good user experience.

Here’s how to place a vignette ad on my site :

1. Login to Google Adsense.

2. Click Ads – Summary – Edit (pencil icon at bottom right).

3. Scroll down to Ads settings, enable Vignette ads and click Apply to site.

4. A confirmation will appear for the application to the site, adjust it as needed, click Save.

5. Information about the implementation of the ad will appear, click Close.

The results of my experiment, less than 1-2 minutes after doing the steps above, the ad appears and indeed not all ads will appear when I move to another page, but at least I managed to place the ad. Thank you.