Camping in Cibuluh Land

Camping in Cibuluh Land

His intention was to rent a villa and surveyed Puncak Bogor twice until I finally found the “suitable” one before sunset. Luckily the villa has not been in DP because it is close to H-day many are canceled. But the journey must go on, so I looked for a way out and this article came to be.

Yes, we decided to camp at Cibuluh Land in the Sentul area which is not too far from Jakarta, of course it doesn’t have to be odd or even. I got info from the Facebook group and indeed the CG (camping ground) is on my list, because it is suitable if you bring children, there is a waterfall and swimming pool to play.

The rain accompanied us when we entered the Sentul area, even though it wasn’t too heavy, I still gasped to the location. Different from the previous camp, this time the team brought complete kitchen utensils so thank God there was no malnutrition.

At night the air was not too cold, I forgot to check the temperature, either because of its position in the forest so that the wind was not too strong even though it was the middle of the night the rain knocked on my tent many times. Even during the day the weather was still cool and it rained again when we were going home.

Here are my conclusions during the visit:

Advantages :

– easy to reach location and good road access.

– available campervan (tent next to the car).

– plenty of toilets, clean and free.

– available prayer room.

– the camping area is quite spacious, there are even glamping rentals too.

– the presence of a waterfall and swimming pool, suitable for children.

– there is a cafe within the CG area and a grocery shop outside the CG area.

Deficiency :

– Entering the CG area, the way down is quite steep and in my opinion there should be a post / coordination between officers who are worried when there are cars passing at the same time.

– the view, yes, because the position of the CG area is in the forest, so there are no other views except trees and monkeys.

– If the heavy rain doesn’t fall when I want to go home, maybe I won’t tell you about this, because at that time I saw the river water which was originally clear turned brown and of course it would disturb visitors who were swimming in the river (I didn’t have time to take a photo because it was raining heavily at the time).

Once again, thank God I am still given the pleasure of this trip, thank you. Oh yes, before visiting it is recommended to make a reservation in advance, the price and contact are at the end of the picture.


Camping in Alun-Alun Kuta Genggelang

Camping in Alun-Alun Kuta Genggelang

Alhamdulillah, I was still given the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool air from the foot of Mount Bunder, to be precise at the Alun-alun Kuta Genggelang (AKG).

Initially attracted back to camping when I saw a friend tagged in one of the campsites on Facebook. The last time I camped at Alun-alun Surya Kencana, I forgot what year it was because at that time there was no smartphone, only a Fuji camera that I brought with me.

I suggested it to my sister and apparently it was a tit for tat. Heavy rain continued our arrival at the location at around 3 pm after traveling about 61 Km and taking about 3 hours by motorbike (including lunch and prayer breaks).

I rented a tent size of 2 people for about 100 thousand and a flysheet for about 25 thousand. Adults are charged an entrance fee of 35 thousand per night to stay and small children are still free. I think it’s still affordable to enjoy the facilities provided. The toilet consists of 2 places about 50 meters apart and is free.

For other camping equipment, Arif and Iqbal’s colleagues have assisted and the consumption is well prepared by 2 beautiful women, hahaha.

The location of the tent that I live in is not far from the toilet and the night view is wow, please check the photos.

There are stalls selling food and drink too if we don’t bring enough food. Around 10 am I had to leave here because the sun was quite scorching.

Oh yes, to get to the location, motorbikes and cars have different routes, even though my search after passing through the two, it turns out that motorbikes and cars can still pass. The motorbike route passes through residential areas, and if you pass the car route, you will see the D’Bunder View tourist entrance first before entering the AKG area.

Here are my conclusions for the AKG at that time:

Excess :

– road access to the location is not fully asphalted but it is easy for motorbikes and cars to pass.

– Vehicles can be parked next to the tent, including cars if you get the right location.

– clean and free toilets.

– The camping area is quite spacious.

Lack :

– the downstairs toilet at that time did not come out, it looked like it had just been built.

– For those who bring small children, please pay attention because there is no barrier to the bottom side of the camping area.

– because there are no tall trees, the weather during the day is very hot, it is recommended to arrive at the location around the afternoon.

Thank you.