Troubleshooting Unable to Reset Your PC

Troubleshooting Unable to Reset Your PC

“Mi, can you please check my laptop ?” What’s the problem Dy? “Dead”, she just said. Yes, try checking her laptop and when I turn on, Preparing Automatic Repair always appears. I asked before what was done, just answered it didn’t know.

I know Windows 10 has a feature that makes it easy to fix the OS itself if there are obstacles without the need for third-party applications, for that I try to fix it from the Troubleshoot – Advanced options menu, from the 3 options I tried, System Restore, Startup Repair and Go back to the previous build, the results still failed.

Finally I tried Troubleshoot – Reset this PC and the result got info Unable to Reset Your PC. Required Drive Partition Missing. I tried browsing to find a solution to the problem, and finally it worked.

The following is the way I did it, still in the Troubleshoot – Advanced options menu, select Command Prompt, after opening, type the following command and press Enter when finished:





To exit select Exit, the result is that Windows 10 is normal again, thank God.