PHP and SQL Update in Plesk

PHP and SQL Update in Plesk

On my dashboard, there are 2 statuses on Site Health that need special attention, namely updating PHP and SQL server. Site Health Status shows important information about WordPress configuration and items that require attention.

Here’s how to update the PHP version in Plesk :

  1. Login to Plesk, click Tools & Settings – PHP Settings to view the current version.

  1. Still on the same page, click Plesk Installer, it will be redirected to the Install or Update Plesk page as follows. Click PHP 7.4 and select Install then click Continue.



  1. Wait until the installation process is complete then click OK.

  1. Return to the Tools & Settings – PHP Settings page, then the latest PHP should appear.

  1. Click Domains and select the domain name you want to update the PHP to. Click PHP Settings.

  1. Select the latest PHP then click OK and make sure it is successful.

  1. Return to the WordPress Dashboard, then refresh (press F5 on keyboard) and make sure the PHP update info is gone.

There is only 1 left, namely the SQL server update. Before following these steps, make sure the Plesk version installed is Obsidian 18.0.30 or later.

  1. Login to Plesk, click Tools & Settings – Database Servers to view the database version.

  1. Login ssh then type (without the quotes) “wget && chmod +x” wait for it to finish then type “./” and wait for the installation process to complete.

  1. Return to the Database Servers page and make sure the latest version has been updated.

  1. Return to the Dashboard again and make sure it doesn’t appear for SQL server update info.

  1. To update other versions of SQL, see here.

Good luck and thank you.