Solutions Deferred due to greylisting on cPanel

Solutions Deferred due to greylisting on cPanel

How come the e-mail doesn’t arrive? There is no check in the Spam folder either! Is it blocked on the server? Aha, my guess was right. This is my second experience not receiving e-mail. For the first time I forgot what happened, but for the second one I could provide a solution.

The following picture that I got from WHM, indeed this solution is not just anyone can do it, only certain parties can access the WHM. So if you can’t receive e-mail, you can contact the e-mail admin to check.

From the results of checking IP on like the picture below, wow, the results are also scary, hahaha. Please see and conclude by yourself.

But because I need the email immediately to confirm, then I have to deactivate the Greylisting feature on cPanel. Greylisting is a cPanel feature that functions to protect email accounts from spam or unwanted e-mail. Greylisting identifies incoming emails with three parts of data, namely the IP address, sender’s email, and the recipient’s address. By delaying unknown parts, Greylisting filters spam and allows legitimate emails to have a second chance to pass.

Here’s how :

  1. Log in to cPanel and select Email – Configure Greylisting.

  1. Select the domain you want to deactivate then click Off, make sure the results are successful.

  1. Try again asking the sending server to send an e-mail, this time the e-mail should have been successfully entered. If you still experience problems, you can check the error displayed.

Please re-ensure carefully when the Greylisting feature is disabled, so the impact of getting spam email is higher. Thank you.