You have a headset and there is also a Bluetooth feature on your laptop, let’s try to connect the device so you can listen to music or movies in a different way. Let’s do it :

  1. Activate on your headset and laptop.
  2. Generally the settings on a headset are passive because they only receive transmissions from other devices, so there is nothing to do in this.

On the laptop, click Add a Device on the Bluetooth icon on the Taskbar, select Add Bluetooth or other device and select Bluetooth then it will start the search process. If a headset device has been found, click the name of the device for the process, wait for the process to complete, then click Done.


4. You can try listening through the headset to make sure the above steps have been successful.

5. If you turn off the laptop, the will automatically be disconnected, to reconnect it, click Add a Device again and select the headset on the Audio that has been connected before, click Connect until the status becomes Connected voice, music.

6. To disconnect the connection, click Disconnect or click Remove device to delete the connected device.

Good luck.