Solution The parameter is incorrect

Solution The parameter is incorrect

My colleague’s hard disk (HDD)  the day before was normal and the next morning when connected to the laptop, had the above error. Thanks God, after I helped fix it, I was finally able to access the data again by doing the following method in Windows 11 :

1. Here is the  status of  the HDD when connected to the laptop, only the E drive  appears but the data  status is not visible.

2. When I click local disk E,  the following error appears :

E:\ is not accessible

The parameter is incorrect

3. Click start or the Search icon, type cmd and select Run as administrator.

4. Type chkdsk E: /f /x /r and then Enter, for drive E is adjusted to  your  HDD drive.

5. The repair process  went about 2 hours on my laptop.



6. Here are the results of the repair,  I can access the HDD  again (ignore drive F) and there are bad sectors that may be the  cause of the error.

The causes of  the  above obstacles include  power failure, bad sectors, being infected with viruses or a  damaged Windows system. I recommend always backing up the data to avoid unwanted things  like the  obstacles my colleague is  experiencing.


Gayatri Villa

Gayatri Villa

Work from Villa, that’s what I did on this trip. The event was delayed several times but was eventually reached as well. Villa Gayatri became our destination after surveying several villas in the surrounding location. Of course, swimming pool facilities and good communication signals are our reference.

The drizzle accompanied the trip to the location until it reached me at noon, other colleagues were engrossed in playing ball and swimming, but I was preparing to work.

In the early hours of the morning we went to Warpat to find warmth for a moment and the next morning I just swam. Raindrops accompanied our return journey during the day. Here’s a photo of the results of my HP sacrifice, hahaha



See you on my next vacation. Thank you.

Jakarta – Subang (English)

Jakarta – Subang (English)

We plan this touring in early March 2022 and can only be carried out in May 2022. The intention was to leave at 9 p.m. but as it rained,  we finally left at  11 p.m.

We arrived in the Cianjur area around 2 a.m., taking a meal break  and while looking for a place to stay. After negotiations, get a price of 150 thousand. The intention was that  we walked early so we could tour for a while, but what’s more, around 9  o’clock in the morning we were only able to leave the inn.

Lunch at Saung Pinus and  heavy rain fell, finally we kept gaspool to Subang to avoid arriving at  night. Alhamdulillah our maghrib had arrived at the hotel and the night was around Alun – Alun Subang.

In  the morning I stopped by the Eiger store which is about 100 m  away from the  hotel, buying a pair of sandals to replace the Eiger sandals that I was also wearing at that time (2017-2022). After passing the Pantura route for approximately  4 hours,  we arrived home around the afternoon.  Thanks.


Monitor Traffic Online

Monitor Traffic Online

To find out the condition of traffic  or lanes that  we will pass,  I usually check via Google Maps (red indicates traffic jam).  But there are different events, this cauldron I will try to monitor CCTV traffic  from 2 sources, namely:

  1. CCTV belonging to the Department of Transportation which can be accessed here.

On the page, there were about 36 CCTV from various regions and 2 via drone, but when I tried to access via drone, it didn’t work.

I tried to access some CCTV but it seemed that the clock listed did not match the time when I accessed it, around 19.30 WIB. There are even some who do not display the time.

Here’s what it looks like :



  1. The site, whether there is some CCTV in this site, maybe more than 20 CCTV and also listed on the map on the start page to more easily monitor the area we want.

Unlike before, many ads on the page, yes maybe as one of the sources of funds to keep this site operating.

There are several navigation buttons to facilitate access on this site  such as CCTV, Condition, Map, Location and Download that look like the following.  But if I try to click Google play Full or Free and a search from HP does not find the application.



I tried to access one of the CCTV in anCol area. At first I was confused because the image did not move and after I click Refresh, the image will be updated with the latest time. It turns out that there are indeed pictures and videos, to see videos, click Video but it doesn’t seem to be live streaming like Dishub’s, maybe to save bandwidth. So I can only see about 7 seconds and to see  the current situation, click Refresh again to get the latest results.

It is also mentioned the location of the camera so that it makes it easier to see the direction and destination of traffic and more interestingly there is Timelapse where we can see re-recording starting from 30 minutes, 2 hours, 24 hours and 2 days before.

And on the page below, there are comments that will be connected directly to the Twitter application.



Here’s a CCTV view of each location.



Oh yes, make sure your internet  connection is stable to access the CCTV, hopefully help, thank you.

Internet Speed ​​Test Ruckus ZoneFlex R300 AP

Internet Speed ​​Test Ruckus ZoneFlex R300 AP

I found Ruckus ZoneFlex R300 AP at a friend’s desk and since I had some free time, I immediately gave it a try.

Because I couldn’t find PoE, I used Linksys’ 12V adapter and when it turned on it looked like the picture above. Here’s a picture of the router, similar to the Ruckus Zonflex R310 but slightly smaller. If we look from the top position, the writing will be inversely proportional, because it has been designed to be installed on the roof, so that the writing position becomes normal when seen from below.



For the following topology, where DHCP is from Mikrotik and my test results with a laptop from a router where I get a bandwidth of about 80 Mbps for download and 90 Mbps for upload. I immediately tried this device.



1. DHCP IP from Mikrotik to this AP is, so I typed it directly in the browser until the following image appears, click Advanced – Accept the Risk and Continue.



2. Because I don’t know the login access, so I reset the AP, just press the Reset button for about 5-10 seconds in the on position and the AP will be like the first picture above. Login with super username and password sp-admin.


3. If you see red writing at the bottom, it looks like this AP was previously connected to the Ruckus Controller because there is no wireless configuration in the Configuration menu. Here’s another view on the Status menu.



4. Below is the display on the Configuration menu, there are DCHP, Static IP and PPPoE configurations for connecting to the internet.



5. Here’s what the Maintenance menu looks like, I tried upgrading from the FTP and Web options, the results fail, either because the AP has been discontinued or something else. I will look for the Local option later.



6. The following is the display on the Administration menu, there are diagnostics for Ping and Traceroute.



7. Continuing from step 5, after I searched here and downloaded it here, I finally managed to make this AP a standalone AP.



8. There are some changes as shown below and of course the Configuration menu has appeared wireless configuration.



9. To enable wireless on a 2.4G Radio or 5G Radio, simply select Enabled in Wireless Availability, then fill in the SSID and select the desired Encyrption Method and WPA configuration and click Update Settings.



Note: on 5G Radio, if I select SmartSelect Channel, the wireless on my laptop and cellphone doesn’t recognize the SSID name and after I try to change to Channel 149, it can only be detected and after I change it back to SmartSelect, it can be recognized again, whether there is bugs or something else.

10. Here are the results of testing on 2.4G Radio and 5G Radio on my laptop and cellphone, to maximize the available bandwidth, it is better to use 40 Mhz Channel Width in each Radio configuration.

Thank you