How to Remove Recommended Menu in Windows 11

How to Remove Recommended Menu in Windows 11

I am a bit  uncomfortable looking at the application on the Recommended menu  in Windows 11 as shown below, for that I will disable it.

Here’s a guide.

1. Click the Search icon  and type settings and select Settings or press the Windows and I keys together.

2. Select PersonalizationStart – swipe  left on show most used apps until it becomes Off.

Basically the menu  is made to make it easier for  users to  access faster for    frequently used or newly added  applications, but if we have added them to the shortcut on the Desktop or Taskbar, of course it’s not very useful.

Good luck, thank you.

Camping in Cibuluh Land

Camping in Cibuluh Land

His intention was to rent a villa and surveyed Puncak Bogor twice until I finally found the “suitable” one before sunset. Luckily the villa has not been in DP because it is close to H-day many are canceled. But the journey must go on, so I looked for a way out and this article came to be.

Yes, we decided to camp at Cibuluh Land in the Sentul area which is not too far from Jakarta, of course it doesn’t have to be odd or even. I got info from the Facebook group and indeed the CG (camping ground) is on my list, because it is suitable if you bring children, there is a waterfall and swimming pool to play.

The rain accompanied us when we entered the Sentul area, even though it wasn’t too heavy, I still gasped to the location. Different from the previous camp, this time the team brought complete kitchen utensils so thank God there was no malnutrition.

At night the air was not too cold, I forgot to check the temperature, either because of its position in the forest so that the wind was not too strong even though it was the middle of the night the rain knocked on my tent many times. Even during the day the weather was still cool and it rained again when we were going home.

Here are my conclusions during the visit:

Advantages :

– easy to reach location and good road access.

– available campervan (tent next to the car).

– plenty of toilets, clean and free.

– available prayer room.

– the camping area is quite spacious, there are even glamping rentals too.

– the presence of a waterfall and swimming pool, suitable for children.

– there is a cafe within the CG area and a grocery shop outside the CG area.

Deficiency :

– Entering the CG area, the way down is quite steep and in my opinion there should be a post / coordination between officers who are worried when there are cars passing at the same time.

– the view, yes, because the position of the CG area is in the forest, so there are no other views except trees and monkeys.

– If the heavy rain doesn’t fall when I want to go home, maybe I won’t tell you about this, because at that time I saw the river water which was originally clear turned brown and of course it would disturb visitors who were swimming in the river (I didn’t have time to take a photo because it was raining heavily at the time).

Once again, thank God I am still given the pleasure of this trip, thank you. Oh yes, before visiting it is recommended to make a reservation in advance, the price and contact are at the end of the picture.


Gojek 2021 Flashback

Gojek 2021 Flashback

Just like the previous year, information from Gojek appeared again from its use 1 year ago (2021). Indeed, last year I used Gojek more often because of the bigger promo, of course, for GoFood products.

Here’s how it looks.


Website Monitor with UptimeRobot

Website Monitor with UptimeRobot

There are many ways to monitor a website, one of which is UptimeRobot. Let’s just put it into practice :

1. Click Register for Free, fill in the data and then click Register now and there will be a confirmation to the  registered email.



2. Open the confirmation email, click clicking here and it will be redirected to the login page.

3. Click Add New Monitor, select the type of monitor you want and fill in the website data and  then click Create Monitor. Don’t forget to check Alert Contacts To Notify to get info via email.



4. There is a feature to view uptime services  , namely Status pages, click Status pages and fill in data and then click Create Public Status Page.

5. Click the + sign  and then click Save and to see the results can click the eye icon under Actions.


Good luck, thank you.

Import Emails from Outlook Express to Ms. Outlook 2003

Import Emails from Outlook Express to Ms. Outlook 2003

Microsoft Outlook Express 6 is a free, basic email program from Windows XP.

In Outlook Express, each mail folder corresponds to a single file (DBX). For example, the Inbox folder in Outlook Express is a single file, Inbox.dbx. Conversely, Ms. Outlook stores each message as an individual file.

Maximum allowed size of DBX files is equal 2 GB and that can cause some serious problems. Point is that the users often use e-mail nowadays to exchange different files with each other. You can import email messages and account information from Outlook Express into Ms. Outlook.

If Outlook Express and Outlook are installed on same computers, you need to know this information so that you can find and copy the correct folder when needed. I started it through Ms. Outlook because it was easier (in this case it was my first time using Ms. Outlook after it was installed).

For other ways can see here :

  1. Click the icon Ms. Outlook 2003, will automatically check if there is an email in Outlook Express, select Upgrade form then click Next.

  1. Fill in the detailed email information obtained from the email provider then Next.



  1. Select Connect using my local area network (LAN), then Next and Finish.


  1. Select Yes and wait until the import process is complete (the import process depends on the number of emails and the specific laptop / PC used).

Good luck, thank you.