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For those of you who have just installed Ms. Office 2013 and delete Ms. Office 2007 will certainly not find Ms. Office Picture Manager (MOPM), yes because it will no longer be available in the 2013 version of Microsoft Office and above. Don’t be discouraged and keep smiling because MOPM can be downloaded and installed very easily.

To shorten the time, let’s do the following :

1. Download and install the application from SharePoint Designer 2007 (about 296 MB).

2. By default MOPM has been selected automatically, so when the installation process simply click Continue – Install Now – Close.

3. After the installation process is complete, we will change so that all image file extensions (* .jpg, * .png etc.) are opened by MOPM by default.

4. Right-click the image file you want to open and select Open with – Choose another app, look for MOPM and don’t forget to check Always use this app to open … files.

The result will be like the top image, good luck, thank you.