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“Where are we going?” Agung, who is the motorbike’s child, wants to go to Leuwi Hejo and surely he will ride the motorbike too, but because at that time the rainy season was rather like that. He also planned to go to Lampung, but the plan for our final plan was to go to Fahmi’s destination. We take four streets around 10 pm, wait for Agung to finish the task and Lae Hotby has been waiting around Kranggan.

Even here there is still no purpose to spend the night, check on the Leuwi location map approximately 1 hour to the destination but whoever wants to midnight to the waterfall, creepy. Finally we try to find food first, maybe later you can get an idea. Midnight road from Kranggan – Cileungsi – Wanaherang – Gunung Putri just to look for mung bean porridge, hahaha, and thanks God it can be after so many places.

Finally we went to Puncak, the next day to Leuwi Hejo, that’s the idea from me. Finish eating we immediately go to Puncak and only takes 30 minutes, yeah it’s the way at 2pm. Up looking for cheap accommodation, because there is only a little time left before checking out, and finally you can also get 1 room three beds, only 200 thousand plus can drink coffee as much as you like.

After checking out, we checked in, how come? yes we are looking for more accommodation, this time using Traveloka and the result is we stay at Grand Pesona Ksatria, the place is nice and affordable, next time if I go to Puncak again, maybe I will stay here again. After checking in, we go for a cheap and healthy meal, stop by the restaurant in front of the junction of the Safari Park. To spend the rest of the afternoon, we walk towards TS, only the intention is to just pass through the hahaha, but it turns out there is a small park when the direction goes home, the name is Recycle Park, so we take a short break there.

At night it rained, forced to find food in front of the inn and could not walk anywhere until the sun rose the next day.

Our road to Leuwi Hejo goes through Sentul direction, exactly follow Google Maps, the road is more or less in line with Mount Pancar, which I visited a while ago, but if I am not mistaken, I take it to the left to get to Leuwinya. Honestly, the way in my opinion is rather creepy, right – left ravine and steep winding, so be sure to be very careful and if it’s raining, I suggest not to the location.

Arriving in front of the gate, we ask the locals first, to make sure that this is indeed the location we are looking for, be advised along the way there are many directions to the location along with other tourist locations. It is suggested by them to park the motorbike in the last parking lot, for whatever reason we try to just follow it.

It turned out that the reason was to avoid the road that was quite far from the initial parking lot, I did not count how many meters but maybe if walking might take about 7 minutes from the initial parking to the end because of the rocky road. So there is a plus and minus in this case, the minus is that if there is rain, you have to be more careful because the road is very slippery.

There are two entrances, directly to Leuwi Hejo or to Leuwi Cepat, first, you will come back to Leuwi Hejo, the reason is the entrance fee, but it turns out the same, after you finish from Leuwi Cepat, you have to pay again to Leuwi Hejo.

We play long enough at Leuwi Cepat because the road to here is quite wasteful too, because I rarely exercise so we rest first. It arrived at Leuwi Hejo which is said to be similar to Green Canyon in Pangandaran mini version. If I see it isn’t too much, either because I don’t swim, but seeing from above is horrified first, it’s rich enough. Unlike in Pangandaran, I passed the water route first, then we jumped from the top of the rock, making it safer.

We finally play water on the rocks but not with a lump of stone, can it bump, later. Only about 10 minutes we are here and then back to the parking lot, and OMG, really, it turns out that only about 5 minutes have arrived at the parking lot, why are we getting around first if the place is close enough, just take the positives, we exercise while looking at the power The Creator.

How come we take a different direction because the local residents are told to walk to Cibinong, is it closer? Hopefully, hehehe. The return route is arguably safer and better than the coming lane that we passed even though it was raining. Thanks God, it turned out right, we arrived behind the Cibinong police station, close to Cibinong market and here we scattered and it seemed like the previous vacation, I had to go to the office because the night shift, hahahaha was tragic.