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We plan this touring in early March 2022 and can only be carried out in May 2022. The intention was to leave at 9 p.m. but as it rained,  we finally left at  11 p.m.

We arrived in the Cianjur area around 2 a.m., taking a meal break  and while looking for a place to stay. After negotiations, get a price of 150 thousand. The intention was that  we walked early so we could tour for a while, but what’s more, around 9  o’clock in the morning we were only able to leave the inn.

Lunch at Saung Pinus and  heavy rain fell, finally we kept gaspool to Subang to avoid arriving at  night. Alhamdulillah our maghrib had arrived at the hotel and the night was around Alun – Alun Subang.

In  the morning I stopped by the Eiger store which is about 100 m  away from the  hotel, buying a pair of sandals to replace the Eiger sandals that I was also wearing at that time (2017-2022). After passing the Pantura route for approximately  4 hours,  we arrived home around the afternoon.  Thanks.