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Who is this idea? looking for Mount Pancar will appear a picture of pine forest that is high and wide and of course a beautiful view. The journey started from Mega Kuningan with motorized vehicles towards Cibubur Kranggan, then went directly to the location (I forgot the route, Sapto took the lead) around 90 minutes. Actually it might be faster if after passing Sentul and Hotel Haris the road is not perforated and the route to the location on Saturday is not too crowded.

Breakfast of chicken porridge at Kranggan, treated by host Lae Hotby.

Entrance ticket at the main gate, Rp. 15,000, but if you want to proceed to a hot spring, you will be charged a return ticket of Rp. 10,000 plus parking fees. It is truly unfortunate, too much extortion at the location.

There is a choice for bathing in hot water, for free but … the distance is far from the parking lot and yes the name is free (please guess yourself) or pay. Even paid turns out there are also choices, like privacy or family pools as below.

We took the family pool, because yes because for other ponds we also had to share with other customers hahahaha, it was strange but real. Before use, the water in the pond is drained first and starts to fill for full about 15-20 minutes (including a count of 1 hour) and enough for around 5-6 adults.

For ponds free to choose and between ponds only limited by rocks with knee height of adults.

We are not here long, after 1 hour is finished, immediately get ready to go to Puncak just to eat PSK satay (eat the farthest satay). Actually, if you want to go to this bathhouse, it is recommended the destination of the end of the trip, not like us who actually became the beginning of the trip because after taking a warm bath, the stomach immediately hungry and wanted to go to bed immediately.

For this tourist spot, I might come back again because I haven’t had time to take pictures in other locations, so just wait for the update to come back.