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Ever heard of the title above? For those of you who like shopping at some famous online stores will definitely use it to get cashback or maybe you have also seen it but did not pay attention or did not know it at all? No problem, in this article I will try to discuss a little about Shopback.

July 2016 I know Shopback but forget where the introduction came from, hehehe. I tried to register and learn how it works but I didn’t try it right away. September 10, 2016, I was the first time trying to shop at Tokopedia. At that time I was shopping with a nominal value of more than 1.5 million and should get a cashback of Rp. 50.000 (at that time Tokopedia gave Rp.50,000 cashback if you spend a minimum of Rp. 1,500,000 but whether it starts when it changes to Rp. 40,000).

Does it work right away? Yup, I get a confirmation email related to the transaction successfully recorded. Can it be withdrawn directly? Wait a minute, it turns out it’s only been around 2 months and even then if the results of the transaction are valid. How come ? because they will check it with the online store.

25 November 2016, the first time I got an email that my cashback could be claimed and I tried to process it until 28 November 2016 I got Rp. 70,000 via Bank transfer that I have previously stated. Thanks God, it’s quite right.

So this is real? Yup, it’s very real because until April 2017 I was transferred for Rp. 737,984, currently there are still funds that can be taken but I still hold it because the amount is still too small. I consider this to be a bonus from routine shopping that we really need like buying pampers for my child, don’t let because there is cashback making us more wasteful, use it wisely.

Is it as easy as getting it? Of course not, because several times I failed and was rejected because of several things. For this reason, I will give you tips so that you can get the cashback, here are the ways (in this case I assume that you have registered and confirmed the email from Shopback) :

  1. Use the Chrome,Safari and Firefox browsers.

Why ? Because the browser already supports cashback buddy, which is a kind of browser extension as a reminder and will inform you if your transaction is successfully recorded so that your chances of getting cashback remain. For information, I always use Chrome from the beginning, but when I check back in 2018, it turns out that Firefox is now supported.

  1. Select the item you want to search first without logging into Shopback.

Shopback will track every online store visited, the more you click here and there, the smaller the chance of getting cashback. So if you have got some items that you want to buy, copy paste the link and then use a different browser and immediately execute the items you want.

  1. Look carefully at the terms and conditions.

When you will click on the shop you want to visit, Shopback will provide information on the conditions that apply, maybe you will read it but do you pay attention? That’s what happened to me, I just read it at a glance, like shopping at Tokopedia, it turns out there are 2 links, 1 for buying and selling online and 1 for digital payments (at that time I was still using Firefox, so there was no cashback buddy) and I click the link to buy and sell for digital product transactions until finally my casback fails after being given information by online chat staff regarding the link issue.

I don’t know when, in June 2018 there is a change regarding the cashback that to get it is not valid if you use the voucher code from Tokopedia (apologize in this why Tokopedia continues to appear, because I shop there more often). Until finally I got the info again via email related to my previous complaint.

3 info above in my opinion is the main point to get cashback, the rest you can get information on how it works at

If you are interested in using it, please use my referral link for the registration process here. Yup, Shopback will provide initial cashback for new registrants (with certain conditions) and referrers, but as I mentioned above, use it wisely. There is no harm if you shop at an online store that has worked with Shopback, get the desired item + cashback too.

Happy shopping wisely.