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Have you ever had a display like the one below if you used Windows 7? If so, then you are reading the right article. Hopefully this article can help you to resolve the issue, such as drug ads, hahaha.

The display is due to a temporary folder problem used by Ms. Outlook, the solution is only to change the location of the temporary folder. The effect of this problem is that we cannot open or save attachments in e-mail.

Here’s how to fix this problem in Windows 7 :

1. Click Start and then on the Search program and files, type regedit and the regedit program will appear on the white column above. Click regedit.

2. Browse to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office<version*>\Outlook\Security

* adjust <version> with : 16.0 (if Outlook 2016) / 14.0 (if Outlook 2010) / 12.0 (if Outlook 2007) / 11.0 (if Outlook 2003) / 10.0 (if Outlook XP)

3. Double click on OutlookSecureTempFolder, then the Edit String window will appear. Change the Value data with the new location (example in this case: C:\User\Admin\Desktop), then OK.

4. Close and reopen Ms. Outlook and please try again, this problem should not occur again. Good luck.

Note: point 2 has been adjusted up to Ms. Outlook 2016.