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The 2nd session touring is planned around October 2018 with the aim of Ciletuh Geopark in Sukabumi. It comes from the word “Sukabumi” in my heart, how far the distance will be traveled and the time, considering I have been to the area a few years ago by car for office rafting, the time from Ciawi is around 2 hours by traveling with twists and no hopes further, hahaha.

Agung said, which had been there a while ago, took about 8 hours with a relaxing trip. Wow 8 hours on a motorbike, I don’t think it feels. However, if you look at the route from Google Maps, it takes around 3-4 hours, of course, travel without a break.

Far away we are looking for lodging on the grounds of 28-30 December 2018 later when the day of the possibility of a price surge can occur considering that it has entered a long holiday at the end of the year, but alhamdulillah does not get the exact location of some popular travel applications because of the distance and not according to our funds, hehehe.

Day H arrived, we all gathered in RDTX and this time more than one other person, namely Putra. Road around 23:30 WIB with Depok – Bogor route, to get to our location using Goggle Maps navigation. Our first break at the Cikereteg gas station, and continued until 6 am to have breakfast around the Bagbagan T-junction. Here I closed my eyes for a moment because it was 5 watts. Light rain accompanied us all the way since Fajr until this morning.

At our junction to the left direction of the Geopark which is written still 71 KM again, OMG. Lots of good beach and hill views on the way for photo spots but because of the rainy conditions, not all of our places stop by. At one spot around Loji, I met a man from the Permata Hijau area, South Jakarta, he informed me about the road around 5 a.m. and indeed wanted to go back to the Geopark area. Either which route he passed or because he was used to it, only took about 3 hours, I had already arrived for about 7 hours, hahaha.

Our God, the wide and beautiful view of the sea we met at Puncak Darma around 9 am, we had time to ask the inn to the parking attendant and it turned out that he had an acquaintance, picked us up to the location of his house. The distance from the Puncak Darma to the village of Cimanjung is about 3 KM with quite steep road conditions and not yet fully on the asphalt it takes 15-20 minutes to get to the location.

If you have stayed at the Thousand Islands, then when entering the village, the conditions are almost the same, namely there are houses on the left and right for rent. After negotiations, we agreed to pay Rp. 500,000 to rent 1 night with the conditions of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is a difference with the house that we usually rent, in this case it turns out the occupants of the house “join” occupy also even if only at night to unwind.

Zzzzz is the second tone of the creature beside me, actually 2 more have the same tone but they sleep in different rooms. About 3 hours enough time to return the lost energy and before going to the main destination, we ate the meatballs that were right next to the house, apparently the seller was the sister of the house owner.

We arrived at Palangpang Beach, Ciletuh Geopark and visited a shop from the house owner’s whom we rented. The visitor was quiet at that time, possibly because of the effects of the Tsunami in Banten some time ago, so many tourists were reluctant to visit the Beach. In the location of the beach, there are around 20 stalls and several villas that are rented, namely the Batman villa, for some reason called Batman, at a glance it does not resemble the shape of a bat, only illustrated.

After Maghrib we returned to the inn, but before visiting the place of eating, we haven’t eaten rice since breakfast this morning. To find food here is quite easy because many people around sell it, so it doesn’t need to be a bother, even though at the inn we were offered a catering package.

At night we looked for prey, uh, eating again meant, this time what we were looking for was grilled fish. Around the road around 10 KM, we have not found a suitable place, until finally it was decided to buy fish at Ciwaru TPI and then process it at the nearby Sea King restaurant. Taste ? much better for my wife’s cooking. The fish and squid that we bought about 2 kg, still feels fishy and is processed modestly, just know enough.

In the morning we had breakfast around Indomaret Ciwaru, one way to Curug Sodong which we will visit today besides Panyawangan. Only about 2 KM from where we had breakfast, we arrived at the entrance by paying Rp. 5,000 / motorbike. There were some residents who offered to go to Curug Cikanteh but we were not interested in remembering a short time. Only about 15 minutes we are here to take pictures because we will go to Panyawangan which is about 11 KM. The view from Panyawangan is not much different from the Puncak Darma, can see vast hills and beaches.

After Zuhr we left the remembrance, the return route was different from the road route, this time we passed the Cikidang and Cibadak areas which even though the exit would remain on the Sukabumi highway too but the time was much shorter. Maybe this is the path that he passed that I explained in the paragraph above before. Before going home, we had dinner at the Bogor Warung Taman area, while taking our time off of course.

For me personally this is the farthest distance by riding a motorbike by myself, coupled with a path that twists and turns by passing some fairly steep slopes and descent. Some of the areas we passed have very minimal lighting, so you have to be more careful when passing it. Alhamdulillah, around 9pm, we arrived at our homes. Thank you to all of you.