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Dan terjadi lagi..kisah lama yang terulang kembali..

A piece of the title of a well-known band song, yes this time I am touring again to the same place, hahaha. I still remember when I first came and ate at a local stall. I had told the stall owner’s mother   in Kiluan Bay that I would not come back again. Because of what ? because the way is not friendly. If you say it’s jammed, I think it’s not too jammed when the time comes and goes home, both in Lampung and Jakarta.

July 27, WAG sounded after a long vacuum, hehehe. Actually, during the first visit, we discussed the next plans, but the pandemic was irresistible. Until the beginning of 2022 we discussed during lunch at Lotte Shopping Avenue, which was originally planned to be February 2022 but still did not succeed. I’m not too enthusiastic because I already have my own plans for the next few months.

The initial destination to M-Beach which I thought was still OK, it was about 45 minutes away from the port but suddenly the destination changed. It’s OK, because there are still some places I haven’t visited like Laguna and Shark Teeth. Meeting point at Icon Walk Cimone and then directly to Merak Port but previously we had dinner first around Taman Layak Anak Cilegon.  Approaching the entrance we booked tickets in advance with the Ferizy application, the method was quite easy, I made a guide here and unlike the first trip that had to be queued up when buying tickets, at that time I didn’t see 1 motorbike queue at the location.

Luckily we boarded the ship immediately without having to wait as long as the first trip and the boat fortunately had a bed available, although it was not the same as our first trip. It was dawn time at Bakauheni Port and go directly to Bandar Lampung. In the morning we had a nasi uduk breakfast  opposite bank BCA which turned out to be not too far from the nasi uduk that we had eaten before (after I passed the location).

We arrived around 10:15 a.m. in Kiluan Bay and for lodging we returned to Meli Sarmin’s Home Stay (available on Google Maps). Indeed, among the lodgings that the locals have ever offered, I am still interested here, in addition to the cheap prices, views and quite a green lawn the area and the presence of a kind of saung by the beach further add to the plus value of this inn.

Gayau Lagoon, a place we visited after lunch. Luckily, the weather was clear at the time, because if it rained, it would make the hiking trail even more slippery, I recommend wearing mountain sandals.   About 25 minutes drive up we got to the bathing pool and only about 30 minutes we spent time.

Kelapa Island is our second destination, unlike my first visit, this time there are no tourists staying and it seems to be getting less and less maintained, especially for the toilets. The intention was to see the sunset but unfortunately the rain dashed our hopes to make us return to the inn faster.

Oh yes, this time we ordered a meal also starting from lunch to breakfast the next morning. There was something different after dinner this time, we karaoke until 2 o’clock in the morning, hahaha.

After dawn me and Lae stayed at the inn and another colleague saw the dolphins. The heavy rain in the morning cancelled our plans to Shark Tooth so we immediately took the direction home. On the way we had a durian party where it had previously been delayed.

5 minutes before Bakauheni Port, we took a short break while ordering food for the ship and buying tickets. His intention was to try Express but unfortunately the ticket had run out. The ship this time is very different from the previous 3 ships, the absence of beds, both in Economy and Executive class that we took by paying an additional fee.

The cloudy weather at 11 pm connected us in Merak Port and on the way heavy rain accompanied us to the Daan Mogot area. Thank God I arrived first at home and not long after other colleagues also informed the same thing, except for Lae, who informed when he was in the office, hehehe.

I admit that this trip is very exciting compared to before because the number of participants has increased and is not too tiring because of the ehm ehm motorbike, hahaha.  Wait for our next trip, man,  thank you.