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Alhamdulillah, that was the first time I said it and thank God it was back because:

  1. This trip plan should be around July 2019 and then the end of December 2019 according to the discussion on this trip, but in July our schedule is not yet possible and approaching December, I am already pessimistic because there are our colleagues who are grieving in the previous month, so it is also impossible for me to discuss holidays but humans can plan, God determines. Such things bring grist to his mill , early December the WAG continued to ring and immediately executed the date and place right then, so this article became a name.
  2. Rainy season? So sure, since elementary school we have been informed about the month ending Ber, it’s the rainy season, even though now it has missed. So, what’s the connection? Check this out.

As usual, we walked out after each of our working hours. Itinerary at 7pm, considering the time taken to Merak Harbor is about 4 hours from our location. But who are we, the incessant rain made us gaspol around 9 pm even though at that time the rain was still loyal to accompany us until we arrived at the port around 1 in the morning.

We almost waited for about 1 hour from the time of ticket purchase and boarding. It’s my first time here, to be honest I don’t seem to have gotten the proper information for the ship because we have been going back and forth about 3 places to board the boat.

Nervous ? It’s just normal, even though I can’t swim, stay relaxed even though it’s the first time taking a ship, hahaha, before I only took a fishing boat on a trip to Thousand Islands, if I took a plane, the “Critical Eleven” would be different.

After parking the motorbikes, many were in a hurry to get to the top, it was my first ride, so it’s normal, it turns out that they are looking for a good resting place (comfortable position), hahahaha. Unfortunately we ran out of space in that room, but there was still another room, you could say class 2, there was still air conditioning too and could sleep comfortably.

Can sleep ? Thank God 1 hour. Around 4 am there was an announcement that the ship would soon arrive at its destination and after the Fajr prayer on the ship, soon we were gaspol again.

From the port to Bandar Lampung about 1 hour 30 minutes where the road at that time was very quiet or was it always like this ? We took a short nap at the gas station 24,352-46 where it took about 2 hours to reach the location.

Finally, around 11:30 am arrived at Teluk Kiluan, click click, take a photo first, hahaha. It turned out that there was a waiter, meaning the staff who offered us to spend the night and tour there. Oh yeah, on this trip we didn’t look for lodging online before, so we immediately looked at the location. After looking at about 4 locations we got a decent place (cheap and great views).

Take a short break and in the afternoon we take a tour to Kelapa Island. Oh yeah again, before I consulted Guntor, who had been there before, he was staying at Kelapa Island and the road to Kiluan Bay was not so smooth (indeed, I saw a lot of asphalt patches, maybe it has been repaired). Fortunately, I didn’t participate in staying at Kelapa Island, why? because after nightfall, oh no, it’s very dark and there are only a few inns where the bathroom is separate, aka outside and only 1 food stall and our blood becomes delicious food for the flocks of mosquitoes on the island.

Back at the inn, we were immediately treated to seafood that had been ordered beforehand, the price was still affordable and the taste was not that disappointing. Cellphone signals other than red plates, don’t expect to be online here. Fortunately, Lae Hotby was kind enough to be a temporary ISP, finally getting online. Drizzle also became our sleep companion at that time.

This is the main event, seeing dolphins with extraordinary challenges. It is recommended that around 6 to 8 am is the perfect time to see it. About 1 hour on the high seas looking for them, finally paid off, already tired of this trip, 30 minutes with the dolphins is enough to make this sound almost exhausted and be extra careful, because? yes because when recording them, my cellphone does not have any security, more like a ring, so if at that time there is a pounding and splashing, oh no.

After lunch, we immediately returned to gaspol and before entering the port door, took the time to buy souvenirs that were tailored to the conditions of the backpack, yes a backpack because that was all that was possible to store the food.

The return trip takes longer, starting from the queue for tickets, my advice is to bring E-Money, because while in Merak you can use cash, here are assisted by ticket officers with their own but of course there is an admin fee, it’s still affordable.

For the lodging that we live in, you can contact him in the last picture and the previous picture is the plan of the place we will visit, but whatever the power, the road is not good and the time is not possible, the plan is living plan.

Want to come back here? I will rethink it well, I hope the local government will improve the roads to this area, install lighting and make tourist spots of higher quality so that they can help the economy of the local people. How come you become rich in speech? let it go, hahaha.

We arrived back at Merak Harbor, but beforehand dinner around there while planning the next trip, which is July 2020. Arrived at home around 2 in the morning and continued from point 2 above, thank God on the way come and go, the weather is very friendly, except when it was early to the port and it rained again after we arrived at our respective homes.

Have a good rest…