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“Mi, can you please check my laptop ?” What’s the problem Dy? “Dead”, she just said. Yes, try checking her laptop and when I turn on, Preparing Automatic Repair always appears. I asked before what was done, just answered it didn’t know.

I know Windows 10 has a feature that makes it easy to fix the OS itself if there are obstacles without the need for third-party applications, for that I try to fix it from the Troubleshoot – Advanced options menu, from the 3 options I tried, System Restore, Startup Repair and Go back to the previous build, the results still failed.

Finally I tried Troubleshoot – Reset this PC and the result got info Unable to Reset Your PC. Required Drive Partition Missing. I tried browsing to find a solution to the problem, and finally it worked.

The following is the way I did it, still in the Troubleshoot – Advanced options menu, select Command Prompt, after opening, type the following command and press Enter when finished :





To exit select Exit, the result is that Windows 10 is normal again, thank God.