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Technology is increasingly evolving over time, as ADSL technology is increasingly being replaced with fiber optic media because it delivers much faster bandwidth. For me, customers who have used ADSL modems and have now changed to fiber, of course, still have a “historic legacy” of the ADSL modem.

Can the ADSL modem still be used ? of course yes, if you still have an ADSL modem that is still functioning properly, do not rush to store it in a warehouse, because it can still be used. I mean the ADSL modem is a modem that has a wireless feature, which will be used as an additional medium to expand the wifi signal area in my home.

The ADSL modem that I have is D-Link DSL-2730E, which was produced around 2013. To shorten the time, the following topology and guidelines that I have made.

Final Topology

  1. My modem is reset to the initial configuration, just by pressing the reset button for about 5-10 seconds and released when the indicator light flashes. The following is the initial display after logging in with the default IP of with the same login and password, namely admin. The following displays Device Info and WAN Status.

  1. To change the SSID, select SETUP – Wireless Setup – Wireless Basics, but I will not change the SSID, only change Band mode to 2.4 Ghz (B + G + N), then click Apply Changes. Why did I choose these 3 codes ? Because the internet speed that I tried at this time was only 10 Mbps.

  1. Next select SETUP – Wireless Setup – Wireless Security to provide the wireless password, then click Apply Changes.

  1. The default IP modem is, but this IP has been used by my main router, so I will change it to Actually I can freely change to any IP, it can be equated with existing or different networks, but because I want to be able to remote the modem, then I equate it with existing networks and IPs that are not being used, then click Apply Changes.

  1. I deactivate DHCP, because DHCP has been provided from the main router, select SETUP – Local Network – DHCP Server, select None in DHCP Mode, then click Apply Changes.

  1. To view wireless devices that are connected, select STATUS – Wireless Clients.

  1. The following are the results of testing that I did from a smart phone device.

Basically, this method can also be applied to other ADSL modems, maybe it’s just a different way, if there is an opportunity I will try it for another ADSL modem device. Thank you.