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This is our second trip after marriage and my wife was 3 months pregnant at the time. The next day we want to go, we are told that if we are pregnant there must be a permit for the flight, in the afternoon we are looking for an obstetrician at the hospital. Thanks God, I have not been lucky, yes, the 3 hospitals that we visited around Slipi and Palmerah but there is no doctor’s schedule, so just leave it. I’m browsing even for about 3 months of age, it’s still safe for flights, so we go.

We made appointments directly at Soeta airport and took a night’s departure. Arriving at Juanda airport around 10pm and the pickup car arrived for the trip to Banyuwangi, we stopped by at midnight with Warung Kencur for about 1 hour, and in the morning arrived at the house of classmate Mas Guntor (doctor Purwanto, please search, apparently he is quite famous in the Banyuwangi area).

After Friday prayers at the Baiturrahman Great Mosque, we went around looking for pickles, I forgot what the name was but finally got it. Pulau Merah Beach was the first location we visited, we had to ask the locals many times because of the many branching roads and finally arrived after 2 hours of travel. What’s red? That small green hill with red land located near the shoreline caused the so-called Red Island, but we didn’t go there because of the unfriendly sea water.

After returning from there we went home to take a rest because at night we wil go to Ijen Crater which was the main destination of this trip. Departing after Isya by passing through dark forest (wrong way is definitely hahaha), seriously, you know, had dropped first because of the excess “cargo”, asked “residents” here and there, just like that + plus “skilled” Derry brought a car (he should have come Casting Transporter).

Finally, midnight was seen as well as the entrance to the Ijen Crater. After consultation, paying DP and supporting weather conditions were finally assisted by a guide, we explored the path of darkness in the middle of the forest. Having rested a few times and joked until finally seen Ijen Crater from above the crater after approximately 1.5 hours of travel.

Masya Allah, it looks beautiful blue flame from above the crater, but unfortunately my wife and I did not come down because the conditions were not possible (the road down was quite steep and the narrow path was added when it was drizzling) so we could only see from above.

After 30 minutes we decided to go back to a cabin below to take a break and unfortunately the lights that we brought to death, thankfully the moonlight and the screen of the cellphone faithfully accompanied us to reach the cottage which was still closed but we could rest outside. During the trip down, we met other climbers who were headed for the Crater, mostly foreigners who looked very excited.

About 3 hours later, we gathered in the cottage and ordered some drinks and snacks to warm the body. It turned out that the hut was also used by sulfur carriers to take shelter too, because when the sun rose there were several small huts around it. The stench of sulfur smells from the chunks of rock they carry and I buy some stones that have been carved into fish and turtles, the price is cheap, maybe not comparable to the process.

After the energy was collected, we finally came back down again and saw a large yard around the entrance, there were several stalls, toilets, car parking and reconnaissance, far from what we saw when we first came in the dark. Rest for a while while paying the tour guide fees and finally we go back to Mr. Pur’s house.

Arrive home around noon and return to rest again until nightfall. We had stopped by one of the hotels just to enjoy the moonlight reflected in the sea water and the roar of the waves. Around 5 am we arrived at Karang Asem Station to continue the trip to Malang, seen in a pillow face photo, hahahaha.

This trip feels really fun because you are next to me dear, uhuyyyyy wkwkwk. On the train just eat, drink, listen to music and sleep until reach the destination. Unlike the arrival above, this time there was no one who picked us up because it did not need a pickup. Walk about 10 minutes from the station to the pre-booked inn, Helios Hotel. If you catch a glimpse of the front, it looks small but when it comes inside, it is broad too.

During the day we tried to walk around on foot, so walk around 500 meters to Malang Monument Square and continue 250 meters to Inggil Restaurant. When I entered this restaurant, it was a bit creepy because the place was rather like that, many Wayang masks that seemed to glance, hiiiii. To eat here more precisely while lesehan, the price of food is affordable and tastes great, may be another time back here again.

From here we go around aimlessly until finally try to take the “grab”, why do I give quotes? because at that time there was no application so we contacted the CS and then picked them up. The goal this time is Batu Tourism City. When I got into the car, it turned out that there were no backseats and the six of us, so you can imagine how “beautiful” the two men were on the “backseat”.

Owalah very busy it turns out, the name is also an entertainment place anyway 🙂 some of the rides we tried and the last one was a haunted house which made me have to be brave, hahaha. We were not there for a long time, only about 3 hours and it made the legs go off. What is not less interesting is, guess what ? when we left the gate, we saw the car that we had rented to come here right in front of us and luckily the driver still remembered, because at that time the position was empty, immediately we greeted the driver and thank God, it turned out he wanted to take us back.

Satan Noodles, we don’t go back to the hotel but eat dinner here first. As the name implies, it’s not really my menu, finally order the lowest level and in my opinion it’s already quite spicy, but the drink is steady, it can rival the spicy noodles. The place is quite comfortable, it looks like this is the house that is used as a place to eat, most of the young people who come here, some are in pairs and some are in groups like us, yes in 2014 I am still young, hehehe.

Arriving at the hotel to unwind because tomorrow we will return to Jakarta. After breakfast and packing, we returned to “sport” to the location of the Safari Dharma Raya bus, but they will take a bus to Jakarta while my wife and I only took a temporary ride to the Arjosari terminal, then from here I took a bus to Juanda Airport, even though we were stuck not too afraid of being left behind by the plane because we got a night flight. Thank God, finally I arrived home about 2 hours after taking off and they ??? they arrived in the morning around 7 am.

Oh yes, if you see the photos there is a “difference”, please understand because we invited Guntor, don’t you know who he is? Veteran Kaskus.