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Where are you going? the good thing is Bandung, let ’s go Cun.

Morning gather at Manggala, then kidnap Rendy who has just returned from the morning shift. Yup, the four of us are the new staff of class of 2011 whose entry is only a matter of months. Because we still young, so if it’s already collected and is free, we wants to go for a walk.

Arriving at the Bandung toll road (forgetting the name of the toll road), we buy a map from the traveling merchant, and the map is not using, we don’t have a goal anyway, hahahaha. As a result, use Google Maps from the Derry tablet. Finally the first place we visited was the Geology Museum, for some reason, I had forgotten.

After a short stop at Bogor CBN, just want to make sure we were here, hahaha.

Continue looking for a hotel, because we find it is available swimming pool, then there are several hotels that we ask first. “Just here, it’s good, there’s a swimming pool,” forgetting who said that. Finally we check-in at the Grand Serela hotel and without asking beforehand the previous search and it turns out there is no swimming pool either, very sad.

The night arrived and we ate it at Ma Uneh, then after that went around the city of Bandung.

Morning arrived and we were getting ready to go home, the route we took was the direction of Tangkuban Perahu because we wanted to travel there. Previously had lunch around the tea garden in that direction. From Tangkuban Perahu we go to Ciater to warm our bodies first and come back to eat an ordinary place where Derry stops.

Here are the photos of our sightings :