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This trip feels really fun because I just sit sweetly, hehehe, but it’s not really, this is also the first time my vacation only with F1, so it’s more “feel”. Yup, this is also the first vacation after “moving” and maybe my lucky because if follow the initial schedule, I’m certainly can’t join, but the destiny will allow me to adventure.

The destination this time is Carita Beach which takes about 3-4 hours from where we gather. La Gundi Carita Resort, that’s the location of the villa that we rent, consisting of 3 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms in the room. The villa’s room is quite spacious and the yard can accommodate maybe around 10 cars, consisting of 4 villas which are bounded by a bamboo fence and the distance from the beach is around 50 meters, very close to direct water play.

Get there around noon and thank God that lunch has been prepared by Ms. Yuni. For this holiday we bring our own meals and BBQ equipment for the evening program. F1, which from the moment he wanted to swim, he asked to buy a toy sand castle and he said if I bought it, he didn’t play on the sand, but he still a boy, not long after I bought + “incitement” from other creatures, hahaha, he play again on the sand.

Long enough we were on the beach, playing soccer and banana boat, to accompany the sun that was setting. Seeing F1 playing, seems tireless but predictable, after taking a shower and eating, he fell asleep until the sun rose the next day. So, after he slept, I helped prepare dinner, this time the menu was more WAH than before (please see the picture).

The night had arrived, blah blah blah and morning had arrived, blah blah blah, that was the info from the moderator in the game Werewolf, which was the first time I played but it was quite exciting also it turned out that the cold wind of the beach at 2 am forced us to rest. After morning prayers, I fell asleep again but the girls were busy in the kitchen to prepare breakfast with the WOW menu, hahaha.

Oh yes, like the previous arrival, many sellers approached us and even put their wares on the yard, from clothes, toys and food. For foods such as chips, sea fish, squid, brains, etc., I only buy 2 kinds, not as souvenirs but because of deposit, I’m not intended to buy it, hehehe.

After breakfast and playing the word until noon, it’s time to prepare to go back to their homes and like the opening sentence above, this time just sit there because it’s delivered to the house. Thank you, Mr. Nanda and Mr. Uyan for the ride and thank you for the friends who participated in this event. See you later in another story.