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For those of you who have installed OS Windows XP and other Windows series, by default for hard disk partition is generally made into 2 partitions, namely C for the system and D for Data. Windows will create a Document, Picture, Music and so on folder following the partition where Windows is installed and placed following the username that you created. Some of us usually do not change the location of the folder. Legitimate – it’s fine as long as Windows is normal so it doesn’t need to be reformatted because you might think the data will be stored in the D partition later..

When we start installing additional programs like Ms. Office, browser, download manager etc, that need a place to store, by default it will follow the location of Windows. The obstacle that I often find is having to move the folders when Windows has a problem so it must be reformatted, I use the word format because it will definitely delete the partition, if you don’t want to delete the partition, it can be installed by overwriting the old Windows location (assuming it is still installed in the partition the same one). But the problem if you install without formatting, among others, is not necessarily the Documents folder etc. can be reopened, this is due to the Security folder of the username that was created previously.

To prevent the above, after completing the installation of Windows, we better move the location of the folder to another partition, the following guide :

1. As you can see above, Windows 10, which I have installed, will create a Documents folder, etc., on the username that I created, which is FIrfani. For partition I made 2, namely C for system and D for data (still empty).

2. I will move the location of the folder that I think is important, namely Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music and Picture, because usually I put data in the folder, please if you want to move other folders, because the process remains the same. Right-click on the Desktop folder and select Properties.

3. In Desktop Properties, select the Location tab, you will see the path of the location, select Move to choose a new location, but usually I simply change from the available path, by typing D:\FIrfani\Desktop then click OK.

4. A pop-up will appear about the location that is not yet available and will be created, select Yes to make it and select Yes again for the process of moving the contents of the folder.

5. The result will look like the following image, which has moved from C:\Users\FIrfani\Desktop to D:\FIrfani\Desktop.

6. The same way is done like steps 2 to 4 to move other folders.

7. If everything has been moved, the result will be as shown below :

In this case, you will save time if later Windows needs to be reformatted, no need to backup data, unless you want to keep having backups in other locations, just do the steps above by adjusting the path of the old folder location and the old data will look like before. Thank you.