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Thursday night, April 18, 2019 at around 9:45 p.m. WIB, as usual, after arriving at the office, I was browsing several sites to find out about information and was quite surprised when I read the title of the article above. After making sure to the official website, the news is indeed true. Following are some screen shoots from the site



BlackBerry (BB) has its own nostalgic story for me. The first time I touched a BB device around 2008, namely BB Bold 9000 which still uses a trackball, belongs to a boss who wants to set up an email and activated BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Indeed, at that time, from several devices that I had tried, only BB was said to be the most successful in push email services.

In 2010, then I first had my own BB, the BB Torch 9800, the current price was around 5 million rupiah. I have a reason why I just bought a BB at that time, because of the physical keyboard and touch screen in 1 device. Before buying the BB, at that time I still had the Nokia C6, which also has a touch screen and physical keyboard, just different sliding models. Mobile phones that use a physical keyboard when it still dominates compared to touch screens, so need a little adaptation for these changes.

PING PING PING, a sound that is very typical of BB, which maybe until now there are still those who use it in WA, but only P P P. There was no privacy at the time, so there was someone like 1 year waiting for an answer whose status was R, hehehe.

I am quite satisfied using the BB, until finally BB issued a tablet device to enliven the market from other competitors. The 16GB BB Playbook (PB) fell to me a year later. The reason I bought PB is because it can be connected to the BB, it’s quite easy to do BBM from this PB. I don’t know after some PB cameras were damaged, so it was quite disturbing and there was no update and support for the device, so I finally museumed this device first.

The following is the look of the Nokia C6, BB and BP that I have rediscovered after all this time, goodbye friend.