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Before Subuh I was called by Anida (I just knew it if she was called Ocha too, hehehe) to gather at her house to ensure my participation in Pari Island was according to the previous plan. Yup, it’s my first time going to the Thousand Islands region. 12 people have gathered in Kali Adem around 7am, 10 of them I do not know except yes Anida because of my neighbor, it turns out they are friends of friends again, like me too.

There is always a first for something, such as riding a boat that is swaying in the ocean around 2 hours of travel time, Alhamdulillah I am fine when I arrive. We headed straight to the resort, only 5 minutes after getting off the dock. The house is about 100 m from the beach and quite clean, consisting of 2 non AC rooms, 1 living room and kitchen, and the water is not salty.

After lunch, we prepared to snorkel in several spots and tours to several islands until sunset. After dinner, we went around the island on a bicycle, the road around was only lit by makeshift lights, thus limiting our vision. It’s enough for half an hour we exercise until we finally fall asleep.

In the morning we cycled to Pasir Perawan beach, the reason named because the beach was very clean, I didn’t see rubbish scattered in both the sand and the water, it was very clean. A suitable place for pre-wedding photos. We rented a boat to surround the beach, around it were many shellfish and mangrove trees, after passing through it would look beautiful land, thanks God.

There was a funny incident when playing on this land, someone from us found a sea cucumber and played it, unexpectedly the sea cucumber spewed liquid until it reached its mouth and was slightly swallowed, it seemed? please try it yourself, wkwkwk.

When noon arrived, we had gathered at the dock to return home to Jakarta. To Jakarta, I’m back, even though what happened, du du du, my skin is darker, hehehe.