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Maybe this is a simple guide but it doesn’t matter if I make it for those who don’t understand. I forgot to start when to use this program, but among the programs I have tried (RADMIN, Remote Desktop and VNC) this is the easiest. The requirements are quite easy, just an internet connection, for the Operating System, many have supported it, I’ve only tried it for Windows and Mac only.

In this guide there will be 2 positions, I as the party you want to remote (steps 1 – 3, additional automatic access in steps 4 – 6), I as the remote party (step 7).

Immediately I started the installation method (this guide uses Teamviewer version 14) :

  1. Download the application at and click Save File, wait until it’s finished and open the application where it is stored, click twice to start the installation.

  1. Click Run, select Basic installation and Personal / Non-commercial use then click Accept – finish.

  1. If the following image appears, the process has finished, I can provide the ID and password to the colleague who wants to remote the device.

  1. At point 3, the remote process is still done manually (must always provide information to the party who wants to remote), because the password will change when the program is restarted, it is quite troublesome if it is not always near the device. If you want the device to be automatically updated, you need further steps, namely Unattended Access, check the list on Start TeamViewer with Windows and Grant easy access.
  2. On Grant easy access, a pop up will appear, enter the email and password that has been registered or if you don’t have an account, click Create account. In this case because I already have an account, then I select click Assign. The Team Viewer will send a confirmation email before giving that access.

  1. I will open a confirmation email that is sent as authentication on the device that I want to access, click Add to trusted devices, it will open a new page, click Trust and the device can be accessed automatically.


  1. If I want to see the device I have given Unattended Access, click the icon like the contact image, re-enter the email and password that has been registered then click Sign In.

Note: if you do steps number 6 and 7 on the same device, it will immediately be able to log in without getting a confirmation email first, but if it is from a different device, it will get information such as step 6.

  1. To delete the account from the device, click Extras – Option, on the General tab – Account assignment, click Remove, and Remove again as a confirmation.

Good luck.