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October 6, 2018, Barapi posted the following view on his IG, where I became one of his followers (it reads badly if it is written as “followers”, please understand). I tried to follow these T & Cs, yes, of course in the hope of winning, not bad for a free dinner gift.

Alhamdulillah, it was his luck, my photo was also displayed as a winner and as a birthday gift of course.

Oh yeah, just for info, Barapi is a restaurant that serves steaks and the like. I know it because of the working route at that time and of course also because of the info board in front of it which often provides promo info.

I forgot exactly when I first came here. Seen from the front view, it looks like the place is not too wide and my guess is correct, when I first went inside after going through the cashier, there were about 7 tables of different sizes, for two and four, if more? yes, just combine the table.

For those of you who are located nearby, please stop by to try the delicious burgers and steaks. Always success Barapi. Thanks.