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Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta ?¬† It should be Yogyakarta, because there is a mention of DIY ūüôā

Actually, we (the family)¬† have indeed planned a destination to this city but the time has not yet been determined. There are several travel sites¬† that¬† I have looked at, to compare if I go by public or private transport.¬† But personal experience,¬† my son doesn’t seem¬† right if he is invited to take¬† public transportation.

It¬† seems that the dipper is welcome in¬† this month,¬† the¬† schoolboy holiday¬† has arrived.¬† The date is also not wrong, June 27, 2022, so it is indeed after leaving here and returning directly to Bekasi to attend the cousin’s wedding at around¬† 19.00 to 21:00, then take the car and¬† rested for a while at home.¬† By preparing everything, finally at around 01.00 we started the journey and arrived¬† at¬† dawn at Rest Area KM 379 followed by breakfast at Rest Area Tol Semarang Solo KM 429.

Oh yes,  our plan is to spend  4 days and 3 nights and each day stay in  a different place. I saw  recreational places  from several tourist sites, from it turned out that they took places adjacent between  locations. So here is the result:

Day 1 :

I  arrived at the Prambanan area  at around 09.30 and went directly to the Opak Homestay place where my colleague had been looking for information before. Mas Dandi, the owner, after negotiations, I finally  rented at Star Homestay Prambanan, the location is right behind the Prambanan Market, it costs 500 thousand for 1 night.

The location is strategic, easy to find a place to  eat both morning, afternoon and night and quite close to Prambanan Temple.  Prambanan Temple should be the  first place I will stop by, but because of something  we planned to do  the next day.

Breksi Cliffs made my visit list¬† and it was about 15 minutes away¬† from the¬† inn and thereafter proceeded to Obelix Hills.¬† For Breksi Cliffs, it is recommended to arrive at the location in¬† the morning or evening because if it is daytime, the scorching sun is very pronounced.¬†¬† Probably only 2 hours¬†¬† I’m here¬† and continue to Obelix Hills.

To be honest I was a bit hesitant when I¬† went to Obelix Hills considering the road was a bit unfriendly in my opinion¬† ( paved but very steep road) I even¬† had time to¬† ask the residents’ homes¬† to ascertain its location (at that time¬† suddenly my XL¬† signal was disconnected).¬† Indeed, if the¬† distance in Google Maps is only about 15-20 minutes but maybe 30 minutes I finally arrived at the destination.¬† Taking pictures and having dinner¬† then around 8 :00 p.m. I left the location.

It’s quite strange for me,¬† yes,¬† the¬† Obelix Hills¬† exit route turned out to be different from the coming lane (my guess was that the path of coming and returning was¬† the same because when we came there was a car¬† in the opposite direction, even though it¬† can be said that the path is really tight). It turns out that the path descends¬† faster, probably about 10 minutes to get back on the highway.¬† My question¬† is, why not just get into¬† Obelix Hills¬† , which is¬† a¬†¬† closer¬† and safer (not steep) exit route, I don’t know if it’s¬† because I’m¬† from¬† Breksi Cliffs until they have to pass through the path ?

I recommend that if you go to Obelix Hills before night has arrived at the location due to the lack of lighting and steep roads.

Day 2 :

Prambanan Temple, I did not buy a continuation  ticket to Borobodur Temple  (save 25 thousand more) because there may be a change of plan even though Borobodur Temple  is indeed in our  plan on the  next day. Oh yes, because the  regular ticket counter is  full of queues,  the officer finally  suggested buying tickets online and can be exchanged to counter 3, which is indeed a  queue that does not exist, but  it turned out that when I  bought it, counter 3 was closed and told to  queue to the regular counter, unlucky hahaha.

Maybe only 1 hour and a half we are here  and continue to the icon of Yogya which is Malioboro.  Actually, there are many locations that are on the visit list  such as  Yogya Square and Keraton, but due to obstacles in the inn  that  I have booked  before.  Made us miss the visit and busy looking for lodging until the afternoon.

Yes, 2 times we entered the Malioboro area, it was more difficult to find a car park than to stay.¬† Some of the hotels and¬† homestays that I visited, were outside of my budget and some were cheap but there was¬† no¬† car park. Hahaha, it’s dizzy.

Finally we stayed at Dewi Homestay, that was after successfully making sure to  get a place to park the  car, 600 thousand per night. I deliberately looked for the Malioboro area  so that I could walk along the area.

Day 3 :

At noon we arrived at Borobodur Temple, unfortunately at that time there was  a closure, so we  could not  go up. When at the exit, there is   a ticket counter of Svargabumi Borobudur, indeed this also entered my  list,  I finally bought a ticket and it can be used for a visit the next day .  The night we stayed at Griya Perpil (the  previous Google Maps version was Griya Merpil,  I edited it after I  discussed with the owner), the location is right next to Svargabumi Borobudur.

Because¬† indeed I was looking for Svargabumi Borobudur so I thought the¬† place was the entrance and it turned out that it was not, but the¬† resident’s house, so we rented it for 400 thousand.

Day 4 :

We  were the first person to go to Svargabumi Borobudur because it was only  a walk for about 2 minutes, hahaha. Morning and evening  are indeed the recommended times to visit.  After 60 minutes of taking pictures,  it was finally time to return to Jakarta.

See you again on  our next vacation, thank you.